Account Setup – Additional Features

Basic Telephony: How to Set Up Phone Numbers in Let’s Talk

Skip to: Phone Number Settings Queue Settings Greetings Settings Texting Settings   Welcome to the Let’s Talk’s telephony features, where you can transform your district’s communication experience. These features empower you to use the platform for phone lines and texting, efficiently managing incoming and outgoing calls, agent queues, and more. Below is a guide to […]

Enabling Social Media Monitoring With Twitter

Beyond just those who visit your website, plenty of your community members are talking to you and about you! Setting up additional input methods allows you a broader view on these conversations. Make Let’s Talk! your one-stop-shop by bringing in everything you want to know from social media. Since you decide what to link, how […]

Set up Account-wide Out of Office

For times when the entire district will be off, System Administrators can set up an Account-wide Out of Office and Auto Reply, making it easy to communicate to your customers that your entire team is away and to let them know when you’ll be back.  Here’s How: Go to Settings > Out of Office Make […]

Live Agent Settings

Take your customer service to the next level by enabling the Live Agent option. If your Let’s Talk! Assistant is unable to answer a customer’s question, the customer can choose to chat in real-time with an available member of your team. Start building your live agent team now!  Adding Live Agents System Administrators can assign […]


Make Let’s Talk! work for you like never before. System Administrators can create automatic workflows that will help build efficiency, improve performance outcomes, and enhance data.  A workflow is a set of actions that are executed when specified conditions are met. Use workflows to automate processes like escalating past due dialogues to a supervisor, simplifying […]

Dialogue Tags

Similar to labels in email platforms, Let’s Talk! gives users the ability to add Tags to their Dialogues. Tagging Dialogues will help you to categorize messages and identify trends across Topics, Customer groups, and time periods.  How do I add Tags to Dialogues? From your inbox, click the Dialogue that you wish to add Tags […]

Using Let’s Talk to Listen, Deeply

As the conversation around social injustice and systemic inequity intensifies, school communities will need to share where they stand on these very important issues, especially when it comes to what changes can be made to make our local and national education systems more equitable. More importantly, though, schools should be actively listening to the opinions, […]

Let’s Talk! On the Go for Single Sign-On Users

Has your district integrated Let’s Talk! with their Single Sign-On system? If so, then make sure to keep these tips in mind when you download the Let’s Talk! – Admin app to respond to dialogues on the go! First, ensure that you’ve downloaded the Let’s Talk! – Admin app for users, rather than the Let’s […]

Text into Let’s Talk!

Allow your district community to be able to text their questions, concerns, or comments to a number provided by Let’s Talk!. The system then instantly turns that message into a dialogue.  On the backend, your team can manage and track the message just as they would with any other Let’s Talk! submission. When your team […]

Authenticate your district’s email domain

All email communications (replies to customers, forwarded dialogues, email campaigns etc) sent out via Let’s Talk! are all sent out through the email domain. If your district wants to use your own district domain to send out communications instead, you can do this by authenticating your domain. If you plan to use the Campaign […]

How to Set Up and Use Phone to Dialogue in your Call Center

Setting up Phone to Dialogue: Calling all System Admins! With the Phone to Dialogue feature, you can choose a team of Users to answer or manage Dialogues that come in via phone. If you receive many phone calls throughout the day, you know that it’s important to answer them and follow up accordingly in a […]

Critical Alerts: Set up teams and keywords

Within Let’s Talk, you have options for both manual and automatic use of Critical Alerts. When a Dialogue is marked as Critical, a designated team is notified by email and added to the Dialogue as team members. When Critical Alerts are enabled, Let’s Talk scans existing and incoming Dialogues for trigger words and phrases, based […]

Email to Dialogue: How it works

Email to Dialogue Many of us get plenty of email. Unfortunately, email isn’t naturally actionable. It doesn’t help teams define the workflow. Required information is often scattered. Let’s Talk! Dialogues, however, are assigned to owners and given priorities, and internal collaboration is supported without confusing the Customer. Email also falls short when it comes to […]

Supporting Non-English Feedback

If multiple languages are used in your community and in your normal district communications, you will want your Let’s Talk account to reflect this diversity. Make it easy for everyone in your community to ask questions and share feedback with you by activating multiple languages.  The Let’s Talk translation feature combines the power of human […]

Creating Response Templates

Creating Response Templates Response Templates are customizable saved messages that Let’s Talk! Users can access when replying to Customers. System Administrators and Topic Owners can create an unlimited number of standard replies, as well as choose who can access each Template. Create a New Template To create a Response Template, follow the instructions outlined below: […]

Email Forward and Monitoring Team

Email Your Let’s Talk! account is capable of capturing both directly delivered and forwarded emails. While all Users will be able to take advantage of forwarding emails, only those you identify as members of the Email Team will have access to emails directly delivered from Customers. On the Settings menu, click on Email under Channels. […]

Managing the Tag List

Similar to labels in email platforms, Let’s Talk! gives users the ability to add Tags to their Dialogues. Creating Tags help to identify trends across Interest Areas, Customer groups, and time periods.  While System Administrators control the list of Tags that are accessible system-wide, all Users can add and manage custom Tags. To manage your […]

Campaign Manager: Learn about the Feature

Campaign Manager allows you to engage your community quickly and easily, sharing out messages and welcoming feedback directly to Let’s Talk! – all in one convenient place. In coordination with district team members, System Administrators and Team Owners can roll out communication campaigns whenever the need arises. 1. Be Prepared Contacts Who’s your audience – […]