Account Setup - Basics

Your Let’s Talk! account can be fully customized to fit your district’s needs. We’ve built the platform, but you know your district best! Account Setup gives you the tools you need to put your house in order.

User Roles

If you are a Let’s Talk! User in your district, then it’s important to know how your roles within the system contribute to a successful implementation – and exceptional service for your community! In this article we’ll cover two types of roles: System Permissions that determine your level of access in Let’s Talk! Category and […]

Additional Training Support

Welcome to Let’s Talk! We have the resources you need to have the best Let’s Talk experience. Read on for information about Let’s Talk training and resources to help you maximize Let’s Talk throughout your district! If you’ve recently been added as a new user and you don’t know what to expect, no problem! Luckily […]

Adding and Managing Users

Users are the heart of Let’s Talk, providing members of the community with information and service. While your roll-out plan will help to decide which team members are brought on as Users at each phase, you’ll decide which permissions and Topics are appropriate for each of your colleagues, based on their roles in the district. […]

Creating and Managing Topics

The Topics Manager is organized in a table view, giving users quick access to important information about each topic, including ownership, usage, last update, and status. With this clear and concise layout, your team can efficiently navigate and manage topics, ensuring no important details are overlooked. Introduction messages are now managed in Topics Manager, too. […]

Building Landing Pages, Tabs, & Fabs

Landing Page Dashboard This section allows System Administrators to create and manage the appearance of Let’s Talk access points: Landing Pages, Tabs, and Fabs. Customized landing pages may be created for an entire district, for a specific region or school, or even for a specific event or topic. Each landing page can have its own […]

Where to Find Embed Codes for Landing Pages, Tabs, & Fabs

Embedding Let’s Talk Access Points on Your Website System Administrators have the option to email, copy, or download the embed codes of your choice. You may choose the embeddable iFrame code for a Landing Page or any of your Topics.  Tip for System Admins: To add the Let’s Talk Landing Page, Tab, or Fab onto […]

Thank You Emails: How to customize messages for your customers

Let’s Talk! automatically sends customizable thank you emails to Customers who submit a Dialogue and provide their email address. Beyond the onscreen thank you message, this email provides confirmation that the Customer’s feedback has been received, and that appropriate follow-up action will be taken. Appreciation for participation and setting expectations for next steps are two […]

Customizable Success Messages

Personalized communication is key to customer satisfaction, and it’s now easier than ever with Success Message Groups. This feature gives your team greater flexibility in customizing the automatic acknowledgements for different scenarios. By defining specific message groups and assigning them to relevant topics, you can tailor responses based on context or audience, enhancing engagement and […]

Setting Up Customer Feedback Forms

Collecting customer feedback allows you to learn more about how customers perceive the service you are providing via Let’s Talk!. When a Dialogue is closed, a feedback form may be sent to the Customer to offer the opportunity to provide both a customer experience (Cx) score (1-10) and comment on the service received. By default, […]

Define Dialogue Aging

While all users can access their own relevant reports on the Dashboard, System Administrators help to make that information as meaningful as possible by customizing reporting settings. Dialogue Aging Settings Fine-tune how Dialogues age to make your metrics matter. Go to Settings > Dialogue Aging (under Reporting) > Dialogue Aging Settings. Be sure to click […]


Of course security is a big thing, and that’s good news. If you find that Dialogues or notification emails (Hey — you have a new Dialogue! Hey — you’ve been added to a team!) aren’t getting to your users, that’s not good news. If that’s the case, it’s possible that whitelisting will sort out your […]

Link Let’s Talk! to your district app

Do you know the percentage of visitors who connect with your district from mobile devices? Make it easy for them to provide feedback through key Let’s Talk! Landing Pages and specific topics on all of your district’s portals, including mobile sites and specific district apps. When it comes to connecting customers to Let’s Talk!, you have two […]