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Easy access to Tip Lines

To promote good faith reporting, Naperville 203 Community Unity School District uses their Let’s Talk! Platform to create customized tip lines for its school buildings to direct all concerns and reports to the right teams. Click here to see how Naperville 203 created their Tip203 system using the Let’s Talk! Portal.

Simplifying Navigation Creates Exceptional Customer Experiences

Reynolds School District in Fairview, Oregon provides users with a simple and convenient way to access critical information. Customers can easily navigate through Let’s Talk! without needing to ask questions because the district displays everything in one location and uses headers to organize information – making it easy for families, students, staff, and community members […]

Special Services Internal Campus Request for Assistance (CRFA)

Dallas ISD created an internal Campus Request for Assistance (CRFA) form for their Special Services department. The page is organized by Special Education CRFA and Section 504 and Dyslexia Services CRFA. Underneath each category are subheads of teacher and staff requests or principal/AP requests. The district has received 2,483 dialogues since January 2020 and on […]

Superintendent Page

Superintendent Mays from Austin Independent School District launched Let’s Talk on his webpage. The page encourages viewers to ask questions using the Let’s Talk tool, positioned on the left side of the page. The hyperlink takes users to the district’s Let’s Talk page. There, they are able to select “Superintendent” from a list of topics […]

Enrollment and Registration Specific Tab

Plano ISD utilizes a department dedicated pop out tab on their Enrollment and Registration page that allows users to ask a question using the Let’s Talk! virtual assistant or by contacting their team. This feature helps with answering need based or user specific questions for both internal and external customers in a timely manner. Want […]

Tracking Attendance, Late Drop Offs, and Early Pick Ups with Let’s Talk!

Menlo Park Academy uses a custom Let’s Talk! form to track any absences, late drop offs, and early pickups. This format allows for less miscommunications between attendance offices, parents, students, and teachers. It is also especially helpful when a student will be out of school for multiple days and wants to inform the school in […]

Facebook Landing Page Contact Us

Craven County Schools implements a Contact Us feature on their Facebook page that redirects to the Let’s Talk landing page on their district website. This minimizes the number of platforms that need to be managed in order to monitor messages. Learn more about using the Facebook contact us page here!

Public Sign in/ Comment Form

Weld County School District amongst a few other districts utilizes Let’s talk in order to maintain a record of public comments. This allows for the districts to keep track of who addresses the board and what responses are made. Overall, the format allows for districts to be more organized and concise. Check out how the […]

Let’s Talk! about everything!

Austin ISD is committed to engaging with its community and communicating (both ways) to ensure students, families, and staff members are receiving equitable experiences. The Communications Department at Austin ISD leverages the Let’s Talk! Platform to make that engagement and communication possible! Covering a wide range of topics from Human Capital to hot topics at […]

Year-Round Landing Page Campaigns

The School District of Osceola County wanted to shine a spotlight on its employees during the school year to boost morale and offer notes of encouragement. Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, this district implemented a Let’s Talk! campaign called Share Your Great. This custom form is placed front and center on the website with […]

Customer Service Center: Staff Locked Out of System

Seattle Public Schools incorporated a Let’s Talk topic to their customer service center titled “SPS STAFF LOCKED OUT OF THE SYSTEM” serving as an easy and reliable way to let staff stay in touch when an emergency or unexpected event occurs. For example, key systems go down occasionally in every district. Now, when something like […]

Yard Signs For Staff Appreciation

Round Rock Independent School District created yard signs for its staff appreciation initiative. The yard signs direct users to scan the QR code to “share the good” and recognize staff. Users are taken to the R.R.O.A.R (Round Rock Outstanding Actions Recognition) Let’s Talk landing page. There, stakeholders can recognize an individual, a school, or a […]

Let’s Talk! Custom Media Request Form

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education utilizes a custom Let’s Talk! form for media requests. This format results in more efficient communication with media outlets, especially for managing deadlines and with directing the outlet to the most appropriate contacts for their story topic. Want to see more examples? Check out Pflugerville ISD’s Communication Request […]

Knowledge Base Implementation Example

Palo Alto Unified School District is in the process of creating their Knowledge Base with helpful content to help external stakeholders and internal staff members throughout the year. Learn more about the Knowledge Base here.

Elementary School Landing Page

Victoria ISD uses Let’s Talk! on the landing pages of their schools, such as Aloe Elementary School. This allows for parents and other external stakeholders to easily find important information, including how to report bullying and student safety.  View Aloe Elementary School’s Let’s Talk here!

Transportation Registration

Let’s Talk makes transportation registration and communication a simple process for students, parents, and guardians. Check out how the following districts utilize Let’s Talk in their transportation systems. Douglas County: Transportation Questions Student/Staff Call Outs Request Schedule Change SPED Transportation Request Also view Wilson County Schools and Houston ISD’s professional development & video pull request […]

Human Capital Management

The Human Capital Management Department at Fort Worth ISD takes on a huge load of responsibilities at the district. Anything from employee needs to substitution management to transcript requests! That’s why they’ve used Let’s Talk! to create and organize a portal in which all questions and concerns are routed to the right team, ensuring both […]

Internal Communication Pages for Employees

Palo Alto Unified School District in California has been a K12 Insight client since October 2018. The staff needed a way to streamline communication both internally and externally which is why the district launched its Tech Ticketing page in August 2021. This page allows staff and teachers to submit a request for technological assistance quickly […]

Superintendent Meet and Greet Messaging

Bibb County School District hosted “Meet and Greets” with their new Superintendent, Dr. Dan A. Sims. To promote the event, they created a flyer (shown above), which allowed stakeholders to send a message directly to the superintendent by scanning the QR code. From there, they’d be automatically taken to Dr. Sims’ Let’s Talk direct form […]

Superintendent Listening Tour

Chelsea School District recently launched a Superintendent Listening Tour. The advertisements for the event displayed a QR code and website link that directed users to the “Listen and Learn Sessions” Let’s Talk page. There, parents were able to submit dialogues that would be reviewed in preparation for the Listening Tour.

Let’s Talk! Student Success Stories Form

Kent ISD’s custom Student Success Story form is a creative way to put a spotlight on students and motivate them to continue growing in their academic careers. The district’s ‘Your Dream is Our Dream‘ initiative aims to highlight student stories and educators that help their students achieve their dreams and goals. With the custom Let’s […]

Share Your Joy

Palo Alto’s schools has a Let’s Talk! form found on their main Let’s Talk page that redirects to their Share Your Joy initiative. Students are able to recognize a teacher or employee in school by sharing a memorable story.

School Landing Page with Multiple Topics

You can find Let’s Talk pages on Yakima School District’s school sites that include information regarding registration, attendance, technology, and more!  In addition to school specific tabs, there is also district wide information. Having both school and district related topics in one place helps external stakeholders navigate their concerns and ensures that their questions are […]

Comprehensive Pages

Dallas ISD’s Let’s Talk! page has a list broken down my department where users can submit questions or concerns. The lists are extensive and cover numerous areas in a school district’s operation. Check out their page here.

Let’s Talk! in action: rezoning page

Flagler Schools experienced exponential growth over the last two decades — making it the fastest growing school district in Florida. The district’s administrators knew another rezoning project was on the horizon, prompting them to brainstorm a customer service-oriented solution. Since introducing Let’s Talk! in April, Flagler Schools decided to use the tool as part of […]

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