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Let’s Talk! in action: rezoning page

Flagler Schools experienced exponential growth over the last two decades — making it the fastest growing school district in Florida. The district’s administrators knew another rezoning project was on the horizon, prompting them to brainstorm a customer service-oriented solution. Since introducing Let’s Talk! in April, Flagler Schools decided to use the tool as part of […]

Let’s Talk! In Action: Rezoning Page

Flagler Schools experienced exponential growth over the last two decades — making it the fastest growing school district in Florida. The district’s administrators knew another rezoning project was on the horizon, prompting them to brainstorm a customer service-oriented solution. Since introducing Let’s Talk! in April, Flagler Schools decided to use the tool as part of […]

Admissions/Enrollment Topic Organization

Kansas City Public Schools receives the highest number of dialogues for their Admissions/Enrollment topic. To help manage the high volume, they broke the topic out into its own category with five subtopics, including Address Change, Fall Enrollment, Intra-district Transfers, Parent Portal Information, and Transcripts. They also created a designated pop out tab for their enrollment […]

Pupil Personnel Services/Suicide Prevention

New Brunswick Public Schools has dedicated a page on its website to suicide prevention. The page features a letter from the Department of Pupil Personnel Services with linked resources for students, families, and staff to access when seeking help. The Let’s Talk page is titled “You are not alone!” and is positioned below the letter […]

Strategic Planning Feedback Form

Isle of Wight’s custom Let’s Talk! form allows both external stakeholders, such as students and families, and internal staff to submit their opinions for their development process. The form gives users the opportunity to express their view on the drafted plan, their questions, and how the district can collaboratively improve the plan. Want more examples? […]

Thankful, Compliments, and Extraordinary

  St. Charles Community Unit School District uses their main Let’s Talk! form to direct users to separate forms that allow them to recognize employees and teachers. Moreover, there are three options to choose from: giving a compliment, sharing that you are thankful, or highlighting someone who has been extraordinary. Check out how the district […]

Elementary School Specific Tab

Hernando County School District’s schools has a pop out Let’s Talk contact feature that further utilizes a drop down menu to make a user’s request specified. For example, clicking on the “Brooksville Elementary” tab allows for elementary related questions, whereas many of the other tabs are district wide topics. Check out their website to see […]

Budget Feedback with Let’s Talk!

Fulton City Schools implements Let’s Talk for their budget feedback. This is a creative way to keep feedback from stakeholders organized and efficient, and also gives the opportunity for users to ask questions. Learn more about their form here.

Expanding Let’s Talk! Assistant to Kent Career Tech Center

Serving more than 20 school districts in West Michigan, Kent ISD uses Let’s Talk! to streamline communications and provide the best service for its stakeholders. In September 2021, Kent ISD expanded its Let’s Talk! implementation to the most frequently visited program: the Kent Career Tech Center. With the expansion, Kent Career Tech Center’s website now […]

HR Department Chatbot

Memphis-Shelby County Schools has a Human Resources tab with a Let’s Talk! chatbot built in. The chatbot is cohesive with the chatbot the district uses, just localized on the HR landing page with a specific tab. Click here to see how Memphis-Shelby setup their chatbot on their HR Department page.

Ticketing Implementation

Indianapolis Public Schools launched a ticketing implementation with a shortcut on all employee desktops to submit tickets to the IT team through Let’s Talk. They incorporated several custom forms with the email address field pulling from an SFTP server to include the employee’s credentials, campus location, title, and other details that way the employee doesn’t […]

Facility Master Plan Landing Page

Liberty Public Schools utilizes Let’s Talk to give stakeholders a place to provide their input on the district’s facility master plan. From the Master Plan Let’s Talk landing page, users are able to review projects under consideration by clicking on the LT icon which directs them to the Potential Facilities Master Plan Projects Let’s Talk. […]

Employee Appreciation Form

The SOAR (Service Over and Above the Rest) Awards at Liberty Public Schools aim to honor and recognize employees each month. Community members, external (parents and students) and internal (other employees) individuals can use their custom LetsTalk! form to nominate an employee that has had a positive impact on them.  Learn more about their SOAR […]

Send Compliments with Let’s Talk!

Virginia Beach Public Schools uses their main Let’s Talk! form to link their compliments form where external stakeholders can recognize employees and teachers. Check out how the district promotes appreciation on their Let’s Talk form here.

Let’s Talk on School’s Home Page

  Upon landing on a Dallas ISD school’s homepages, a  user has the option to click a side bar that pops out with the Let’s Talk ‘contact us’ feature.  For this specific ‘contact us’ form, the topics included are specific to the school, such as reaching out to the principal of the school, the school’s […]

Superintendent School Visits with Let’s Talk!

Rockford Public Schools implements Let’s Talk for their Superintendent School visits. Members of the school district, from parents, to employees, to the cleaning crew are able to submit a comment, suggestion, concern, or compliment to the superintendent. This format bridges the gap between superintendents and community members, which is important when it comes to community […]

Technology FAQs feature

Cabell County Schools in West Virginia introduced Let’s Talk! in September to offer a superior customer experience for its school community. The launch features a FAQ page connected to Let’s Talk! Assistant. Each time staff updates information on the FAQ page using the Let’s Talk! Assistant embed feature, it automatically refreshes the same information on […]

Department-Level Topics

Sioux Falls Schools District is using Let’s Talk! on their department page to organize communication to different topic teams within each department.. Departments include the Superintendent’s Office, Student Services, Curriculum/Instruction, Human Resources, Facilities/Operations, Staying Connected, and Finances. Click here to see how Sioux Falls SD set up their department page using Let’s Talk!

New Employee Form

Aldine ISD created a Let’s Talk Human Resources form to support requests from new employees. To promote the form, they created a flyer that will be displayed throughout the orientation process and during a new employee breakfast. The QR code links directly to their HR form.


Pasco County Schools’ Transportation Department launched Let’s Talk. Through the district’s Let’s Talk landing page, users are able to scroll down and select different topics that relate to their questions/concerns. When users click on “Transportation,” they are directed to the new Transportation landing page which provides more specific topics related to transportation.

Pop Out Tabs – Mental Health Services

Dallas ISD’s Mental Health Services (MHS) provides a Let’s Talk! form where users can submit a concern and be directed to a MHS employee that can best address the submission. Click here to view the form. Other districts also utilize pop out tabs to make their sites more organized. Check out Plano ISD’s pop out […]

HR Knowledge Base

Loudoun County Public Schools implements a Knowledge Base specifically for Human Resource concerns. These include performance, recruiting, health & wellness, and more. HR topics are important in a school district and therefore it is helpful to have a designated area where appropriate and updated links to resources can be found. The Knowledge Base feature helps […]

Embedded Let’s Talk in Contact Us Page

Huntington High School in Cabell County Schools utilizes a Let’s Talk! form embedded on their ‘Contact Us’ page in order for submissions to be directed to the appropriate team member. ‘Contact’ pages on websites are the most common places a user navigates to when they have questions or concerns. Therefore, using Let’s Talk on this […]

Multiple language options

Round Rock Independent School District in Texas teamed up with K12 Insight to increase equitable access to information and services for all stakeholders. Serving 51,000 students and a diverse population, Round Rock ISD needed a solution that could translate a variety of languages. In the fall of 2021, Round Rock ISD launched Let’s Talk! operating […]

Questions Answered Through 24/7 Access to Parent Welcome Center

Memphis-Shelby County School District is using Let’s Talk! to offer 24/7 access to FAQ answers to their community. The pop-up window to submit a dialogue can be found on their district website. Click here or here to check out how Memphis-Shelby County School District set up their Let’s Talk! portal.