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Accessible portal for internal requests 

A small district in Ohio leverages Let’s Talk! as an all-in-one internal services portal. Found directly on their district website, staff members at Youngstown City Schools can easily reach technology teams across different schools and buildings, the Human Resources department with specific matters, and more! Click here to check out how Youngstown City School Districts […]

Direct Access to Transportation Services

With a fleet of almost 1,000 buses, Houston ISD takes transportation services very seriously. The district strategically leverages the Let’s Talk! Platform to give the community direct access to the Transportation Department. Click here to check out how HISD customized their Let’s Talk! Portal with topics that specifically address transportation matters.

Stay connected with student transportation services

Known for its district size, Dallas ISD commits to engaging with its community in all areas, and Student Transportation is no exception. They are using the Let’s Talk! Platform, Dallas creates a portal where the community can easily submit their questions, concerns and even compliments to the Transportation department. Click here to see how Dallas […]

Customized Anonymous Reporting Tool

Every district takes matters of student safety very seriously. At Fayetteville-Manlius School District, leaders took the initiative to create a customized Let’s Talk! Anonymous Tip portal allowing the community to report any incidents, 24 hours a day, accessible from any web browser. Click here to see how Fayetteville-Manlius structured their anonymous reporting tool using the […]

HALT Bullying Initiative

HALT (Harassment Awareness Learning Together), Tuscaloosa’s 2012 district-wide initiative to combat student bullying, uses the Let’s Talk! Platform to create and push out bullying reporting forms for every school building, ensuring the information reaches the right team. Each form is customized to collect crucial information in each incident. Click here to view Tuscaloosa’s customized Let’s […]

Anonymous Reporting for each School Site

Georgetown ISD has a clear to keep its students safe with the Stay Safe! Anonymous Online Reporting System, powered by Let’s Talk!. Each school site has its own customized safety form which submits directly to the administrators and counselors of that school, ensuring each submission will be prioritized. Click here to see how Georgetown ISD […]

Easy access to Tip Lines

To promote good faith reporting, Naperville 203 Community Unity School District uses their Let’s Talk! Platform to create customized tip lines for its school buildings to direct all concerns and reports to the right teams. Click here to see how Naperville 203 created their Tip203 system using the Let’s Talk! Portal.

HR Department Chatbot

Memphis-Shelby County Schools has a Human Resources tab with a Let’s Talk! chatbot built in. The chatbot is cohesive with the chatbot the district uses, just localized on the HR landing page with a specific tab. Click here to see how Memphis-Shelby setup their chatbot on their HR Department page.

Department-Level Topics

Sioux Falls Schools District is using Let’s Talk! on their department page to organize communication to different topic teams within each department.. Departments include the Superintendent’s Office, Student Services, Curriculum/Instruction, Human Resources, Facilities/Operations, Staying Connected, and Finances. Click here to see how Sioux Falls SD set up their department page using Let’s Talk!

New Employee Form

Aldine ISD created a Let’s Talk Human Resources form to support requests from new employees. To promote the form, they created a flyer that will be displayed throughout the orientation process and during a new employee breakfast. The QR code links directly to their HR form.

Back-to-School Season Let’s Talk Banner

Cypress Fairbanks ISD created a banner to promote Let’s Talk during the back-to-school season and support the transportation topic. The banner highlights their live agent, chatbot, and regular Let’s Talk submission form.

Let’s Talk! about everything!

Austin ISD is committed to engaging with its community and communicating (both ways) to ensure students, families, and staff members are receiving equitable experiences. The Communications Department at Austin ISD leverages the Let’s Talk! Platform to make that engagement and communication possible! Covering a wide range of topics from Human Capital to hot topics at […]

Human Capital Management

The Human Capital Management Department at Fort Worth ISD takes on a huge load of responsibilities at the district. Anything from employee needs to substitution management to transcript requests! That’s why they’ve used Let’s Talk! to create and organize a portal in which all questions and concerns are routed to the right team, ensuring both […]

Let’s Talk! in action: rezoning page

Flagler Schools experienced exponential growth over the last two decades — making it the fastest growing school district in Florida. The district’s administrators knew another rezoning project was on the horizon, prompting them to brainstorm a customer service-oriented solution. Since introducing Let’s Talk! in April, Flagler Schools decided to use the tool as part of […]

Expanding Let’s Talk! Assistant to Kent Career Tech Center

Serving more than 20 school districts in West Michigan, Kent ISD uses Let’s Talk! to streamline communications and provide the best service for its stakeholders. In September 2021, Kent ISD expanded its Let’s Talk! implementation to the most frequently visited program: the Kent Career Tech Center. With the expansion, Kent Career Tech Center’s website now […]

Technology FAQs feature

Cabell County Schools in West Virginia introduced Let’s Talk! in September to offer a superior customer experience for its school community. The launch features a FAQ page connected to Let’s Talk! Assistant. Each time staff updates information on the FAQ page using the Let’s Talk! Assistant embed feature, it automatically refreshes the same information on […]

Let’s Talk Utilization While Phone System is Out of Service

On Twitter, Austin Independent School district encouraged their district community to contact them via the Let’s Talk text line or through the Let’s Talk landing page while their phone system was out of service. Let’s Talk helped the district stay connected with their stakeholders during a difficult situation.

Transportation Landing Page and Embedded FAQs

Liberty Public Schools launched a Let’s Talk page to support their transportation department. On the page, they embedded their frequently asked questions from their chatbot. To see their page click here. To see their FAQs embedded, click on “FAQs” on the left side of the page.  

Bond Proposal Implementation

Plano Independent School District launched Let’s Talk for its 2022 bond page. The page consists of information regarding the year’s bond proposals and how the community can get involved though voting. Users are recommended to ask questions about the bond using Let’s Talk. The Let’s Talk link is embedded at the bottom of the home […]

Multiple language options

Round Rock Independent School District in Texas teamed up with K12 Insight to increase equitable access to information and services for all stakeholders. Serving 51,000 students and a diverse population, Round Rock ISD needed a solution that could translate a variety of languages. In the fall of 2021, Round Rock ISD launched Let’s Talk! operating […]

Reduce communication complexity

After struggling to find a solution to reduce communication complexity within the school district, The School Board of Highlands County eventually found Let’s Talk!. Implementing Let’s Talk! made it easier for daily conversations to take place between stakeholders and staff, ensuring stakeholders receive optimal customer service. With Let’s Talk!, The School Board of Highlands County […]

Connecting Let’s Talk! to an existing group email

Before using Let’s Talk!, York County School Division in Virginia used a group email address called AskYCSD, which the division used for collecting questions and concerns from stakeholders. As the inbox quickly filled up with messages, YCSD realized it needed a tool to help streamline communication inquiries. YCSD teamed up with K12 Insight to create […]

Implementing landing pages for counselors and teachers

Madison Consolidated Schools in Indiana introduced a Let’s Talk! contact page designed for teachers so parents and students could reach them directly. After having success with this process and seeing the value Let’s Talk! added, the district created another contact page for school counselors. Both contact pages are valued by the community because stakeholders can […]

Creating communication channels for school board members

Servicing a large school division, Prince William County Public Schools’ board members received a large influx of communication from their stakeholders. Overwhelmed with the number of inquiries, Prince William County knew it needed a tool to assist with streamlining the communication flow. The division’s school board implemented a Let’s Talk! contact page to make it […]

Bond Proposal Newsletter

Corpus Christi Independent School District incorporated Let’s Talk into its 2022 bond proposal newsletter. The page contains K12 Insights’ Corpus Christi ISD email at the top as a source to learn more about the bond proposal. The district’s newsletter also encourages viewers with questions to visit their Let’s Talk with a button link positioned at […]

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