Hacks and Tips

Mastering the basics is important, but sometimes it’s helpful to have a quick cheatsheet! Skip to the juicy parts with tip guides, suggestions for best practices, and helpful hints to help Let’s Talk! shift the conversation from technology to culture.

A Mobile App for You

Let’s Talk! makes it easy to read, review, and respond to customers quickly and conveniently. If you’re always near a computer, read no more. If you’re occasionally on the go – in meetings, in classrooms, attending community events – it’s possible that your phone might be a little handier at times. You know where this […]

A Mobile App for your Customers

Could filling out a Dialogue form be any easier? Absolutely. Save time and improve accessibility for your community members by encouraging use of the customer app.   While you may already be familiar with the user app, built to help users manage their Dialogues and Dashboards, the customer app is designed for those members of […]

Build a Covid-19 Response Center

In times of uncertainty, customer service requires even more intention and resources. Your buildings are closed. But your customers have more questions than ever. That’s why districts across the nation are tapping into the full potential of Let’s Talk! to customize a COVID-19 Response Center unique to their community.  Let’s Talk! makes it easier for […]

Split Dialogues

Separate a single dialogue into two dialogues When someone in your community submits a dialogue that contains multiple questions or requires the work from multiple departments, rather than passing it back and forth between Topics or Owners, you can split the dialogue into multiple dialogues!  Here’s how –  Open the dialogue that you want to […]

Merge Dialogues

Combine multiple dialogues into one dialogue When someone in your community sends in multiple dialogues regarding the same issue, perhaps even across multiple Topics, rather than closing them out one at a time with the same response, combine them into one dialogue and proceed from that!  Here’s how –  In your inbox, select all the […]

Customer History

Access all conversations from a customer Sometimes customers might refer to previous requests, questions, or interactions they’ve had with your district when they submit a dialogue, and in some cases, being able to see that history can better help you understand and serve their needs.  Use the Customer History feature to quickly see some key […]

Quick Reference: Dialogue Management

Alert! You’ve got a new Dialogue! Click your notification to log in. Review My Dialogues. Anything there is your responsibility. Take action! Click a Dialogue to open and read the Customer’s message. Who should answer? You? Reply! Another team member? Assign someone else on your team to the Owner box. Someone else from the district? […]

The Integration Conversation

When visitors come to your website, where do they go to find contact information? Is Let’s Talk! there? Having a great-looking Let’s Talk! button and pop-out tab on your homepage can be a strong start, but remember that your community might not know what Let’s Talk! is all about right away. Integrating Let’s Talk! in […]

Form Messages – Introductory messages for Topics

Have you ever… answered the same question more than once? wondered why on earth a customer sent that question to your Topic? wished your Topic was, well, prettier than the rest? Take advantage of introductory messages to share pertinent information with your customers. Each Topic can have its own unique introduction, including text, images, and […]

News Channel

Keeping up can take a toll — the internet never sleeps, and the news keeps getting newer. Got a nose for news? Excellent. An inbox full? Not so much. Keep up with the stories that matter while reducing the email alerts that flood your inbox by using news within Let’s Talk!. Define your search terms […]

Anonymous Customers & Hidden Customers

When customer information isn’t shown There are two ways a customer can submit a dialogue without sharing their identity with your district Hidden Customers: Customers who provide an email and check the “Hide your contact information from the district” button. What does this mean? A district employee can still respond to the customer via Let’s […]

Presentation Ready Dashboard Downloads

Remember that one time that you stood up and tried to prove a point based on a single anecdote? How’d that work out? Exactly. Your team wants to know if any safety issues have been reported this month. Your School Board wants to know how many concerns have been received regarding the proposed calendar. Stories […]

Ready Set Launch

Almost ready to launch? Great! Here’s a quick checklist to make sure all your bases are covered. People System Administrator(s) solidly trained on system functions General Users (Team Owners, Members) trained and prepared to respond All champions and Users clear on expectations for use, including timelines for response Presentation Web access points prepared, with customized […]

When to use Out of Office

If you are taking a day or two off, use your personal out-of-office settings to let customers know.  If the whole district will be closed for more than a day or two, it can be helpful to remind your community of the change in schedule. While many community members should already know the calendar, here […]

Winning At Customer Service

Make sure your customers receive the best possible service by running down a few quick questions: Who is best-qualified to respond? Remember that you might not be the right person to respond to a particular question. Re-assign it to a different team member, bring in someone else from the district, or give it to a […]

How to Record a Dialogue

Action! You’ve got something to enter (phone call, observation, etc.)! Log in (from a bookmark or from k12insight.com, clicking on Login in the top right), entering your district email address as your username. Click the green pencil icon in the top right corner of your screen. Complete the Create a Dialogue form: Origin – Where […]