Mobile Apps

Let’s Talk! conveniently comes in the form of mobile apps for both you, and your district community! Whether you are responding to dialogues, or the one submitting them, there’s a app waiting for you! (Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store)

A Mobile App for You

Let’s Talk! makes it easy to read, review, and respond to customers quickly and conveniently. If you’re always near a computer, read no more. If you’re occasionally on the go – in meetings, in classrooms, attending community events – it’s possible that your phone might be a little handier at times. You know where this […]

A Mobile App for your Customers

Could filling out a Dialogue form be any easier? Absolutely. Save time and improve accessibility for your community members by encouraging use of the customer app.   While you may already be familiar with the user app, built to help users manage their Dialogues and Dashboards, the customer app is designed for those members of […]