Call Center

Indianapolis Public Schools launched a Let’s Talk form to support their call center. The call center has a special call recorder form that brings in information from PowerSchool and can be routed to...

New Employee Form

Aldine ISD created a Let’s Talk Human Resources form to support requests from new employees. To promote the form, they created a flyer that will be displayed throughout the orientation process and d...

Ticketing Implementation

Indianapolis Public Schools launched a ticketing implementation with a shortcut on all employee desktops to submit tickets to the IT team through Let’s Talk. They incorporated several custom forms w...

Superintendent Collects Staff Feedback

Rockford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ehren Jarrett used a custom form to collect feedback from staff members to supplement his campus listening tour. On the form, users indicated their role (tea...

Internal Communication Pages for Employees

Palo Alto Unified School District in California has been a K12 Insight client since October 2018. The staff needed a way to streamline communication both internally and externally which is why the dis...

Accessible portal for internal requests 

A small district in Ohio leverages Let’s Talk! as an all-in-one internal services portal. Found directly on their district website, staff members at Youngstown City Schools can easily reach technolo...

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