Bullying/Tip Lines

These days students need a safe and reliable space to share any bullying or threats that they might be aware of in your district. Streamline your efficiencies by moving your bullying and/or tip lines ...

Custom Tab and Bullying Form

Fort Bend ISD’s homepage has a custom Let’s Talk tab that directs community members to their ‘Questions or Feedback‘ form or their ‘Let’s Talk Bullying‘ form....

HALT Bullying Initiative

HALT (Harassment Awareness Learning Together), Tuscaloosa’s 2012 district-wide initiative to combat student bullying, uses the Let’s Talk! Platform to create and push out bullying reporting forms ...

Customized Anonymous Reporting Tool

Every district takes matters of student safety very seriously. At Fayetteville-Manlius School District, leaders took the initiative to create a customized Let’s Talk! Anonymous Tip portal allowing t...

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