Internal Comments

Internal Comments offer the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues — sharing information and setting expectations while simplifying the Customer’s experience. They also are a helpful tool for documenting follow-up that occurs outside of Let’s Talk! – such as in-person meetings and phone calls. Internal Comments are visible to all team members, but not to the Customer.

Adding Comments

  • To add an internal comment, click on the text box that is labeled “Add internal comment” in the timeline.
  • Enter text to leave a comment for the team. To mention or direct your message toward a certain team member, type the “@” followed by the team member’s name. If you would like to direct a comment toward someone who is not on the team, you may add this user to the Dialogue in the same step.
  • To note a specific action you’re taking in connection with this Dialogue — either to address the feedback or as a follow-up — click on Add Action Taken in the top right-hand corner of this text box and select the relevant action from the list. Provide detail in the text box. For example: Called parent and discussed missing homework. Parent will review agenda and sign for the rest of the month to ensure nothing is missed. Parent appreciated call.
  • To add any relevant attachments to be shared with colleagues, click on the paperclip icon or simply drag & drop the file into the textbox. Up to two attachments of up to 5 MB each may be added to each comment.
  • Click on Post to submit your internal comment.

Editing or Removing Comments

  • You can only edit or remove Internal Comments made by you.
  • Editing:
    • To edit a comment, hover over the comment and a box will appear around the text.
    • Click on the text itself, or the pencil icon to the right of the text to enable editing.
    • Click outside of the box to save your edits.
  • Removing:
    • Click into the text of the Internal Comment and erase the entire comment.
    • Click outside of the box to complete the removal.