We’re excited to introduce “AI Themes for Dialogues” in Let’s Talk. This feature automatically classifies each dialogue into preset themes, helping you quickly understand the content of each dialogue.

Unlike tags, AI Themes for Dialogues are standardized across all Let’s Talk accounts. You can find the Dialogue Theme panel on the right side of the dialogue page.

When you receive a dialogue, the AI Theme will be automatically applied. If a theme is toggled on and it doesn’t apply to the dialogue, simply toggle it off. This will help us improve the AI Themes for Dialogues feature.

Our team at K12 Insight regularly monitors dialogue data and updates the list of themes to ensure they remain relevant and useful. Be sure to review Dialogue Themes so we can ensure our platform delivers an accurate and powerful AI experience! And be on the lookout for enhancements to how these themes are used throughout Let’s Talk in the near future!