Introducing the generative AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant

At K12 Insight, we’re dedicated to redefining the standards of customer service within public schools. We’re proud to introduce the new generative AI features for Let’s Talk Assistant, the only AI-powered chatbot designed for K-12. 

With this release, your district can leverage the power of generative AI-powered customer service. The generative AI-powered chatbot makes it easy for you to deliver accurate, conversational, and fast customer service districtwide through a highly secure platform. Here’s what’s new:

The power is in the platform 

Let’s Talk Assistant is powered by Let’s Talk, meaning you only need one platform to deliver customer service. Customer interactions and analytics are captured in a centralized location for visibility, reporting, and metrics. Chats are auto-cataloged and can be logged for the individual customer — ensuring you capture customer interactions in one location. 

Easy and fast setup 

Upload existing content — including documents (such as .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, and .xlsx), FAQs, Knowledge Base articles, and web pages — with the help of the new Resource Center to train your chatbot to meet your district’s needs. We can even help identify which common questions don’t have an answer in your content so that it can be developed. 

Cited, comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly answers 

Because Let’s Talk Assistant is powered with your data — that means it can only answer questions with the information provided by your district. Sources are cited for chatbot replies, giving your customers confidence they are receiving accurate, helpful information.

“Resource Center” powers Let’s Talk Assistant and Knowledge Base

Our new Resource Center serves as the cornerstone of our generative AI features, allowing you to provide and manage a diverse range of content that informs the responses of the Let’s Talk Assistant. Whether it’s articles, documents, web pages, or FAQs, you have the tools to curate a comprehensive repository of knowledge that empowers your AI-driven customer interactions.

Resource Types: Enhancing Customer Engagement

With Let’s Talk, you have the flexibility to create various resource types tailored to your specific needs:

  • Articles: Craft informative articles directly within the Resource Center, enriching the knowledge base of Let’s Talk Assistant and your customer support ecosystem.
  • Uploaded Documents: Seamlessly upload multiple documents at once, each contributing valuable insights to the Let’s Talk Assistant’s responses.
  • Web pages: Effortlessly scan multiple web pages, expanding the scope of accessible information for Let’s Talk Assistant to draw upon when communicating with customers.
  • FAQs: Compile frequently asked questions, streamlining customer inquiries and providing instant solutions.

Available in Spanish, and more languages coming soon

Translated in Spanish — and available in additional languages in the future — Let’s Talk Assistant increases equitable access to families.

Unmatched efficiency

Let’s Talk Assistant streamlines routine inquiries and tasks — saving time for all departments including Human Resources and Transportation. Deflect and protect your staff for the most complex, important tasks. Use the tool internally, too, to empower your staff to have instant access to answers.

Highly secure with a commitment to data privacy

K12 Insight is committed to responsible, ethical, and highly secure AI. Let’s Talk Assistant is a safe, secure, and responsible chatbot, using only your data and not publicly sharing your information. You can have confidence in our secure platform with our third-party zero data retention policy — which means we only retain data of the chat within the Let’s Talk platform and do not allow third-parties, like Open AI, to retain data.

Backed by a team of AI and K-12 experts

For over four years, our data science team has been using AI to offer innovative solutions in Let’s Talk. We partner with the University of Chicago and utilize the best tools — like OpenAI — to automate and optimize your tech stack.

Unlock the Power of Generative AI

With our enhanced Let’s Talk platform powered by generative AI features, you can transform your district’s customer service. By leveraging the intuitive Resource Center and generative AI features, Let’s Talk Assistant delivers fast, accurate, and friendly responses that elevate the customer experience for your district.

Ready to get started?

It’s easier than ever to deliver instant and accurate answers with generative AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant. Beginning April 19, all Let’s Talk accounts will see Let’s Talk Assistant and Resource Center available in account Settings. Reach out to your Client Success Manager for additional support.

Already have Let’s Talk Assistant turned on? You can now start using these features today. If you have questions or need help, reach out to our team for a walkthrough