A quick self-assessment to help you improve your Let’s Talk! Implementation and achieve your goals—starting today!

We all want to keep moving forward. Full speed ahead, if possible. 

But sometimes it’s critical to hit pause, take a step back, and really think about if you’re getting to where you need to be. And—if you find that you’ve gotten off course—determine how to get back on a path to success. 

Reflecting on how you—and your district—are using Let’s Talk! is an important part of understanding your progress so that you can continue to grow and improve your implementation. 

To help, we’ve designed a short self-assessment that you can complete three weeks, three months, or three years into using Let’s Talk!. While not exhaustive, this list of reflection topics is designed to help you determine what’s working well and identify opportunities for further improvement so that you can achieve your Let’s Talk! goals.  

As with any reflective practice, you might find it helpful to write down your answers—or to at least jot down key takeaways from your reflection—so you can refer back to them as you introduce change. 

Let’s Talk! Self-Assessment 

Look at your metrics. This is, hopefully, an obvious place to start. Your Let’s Talk! Dashboard provides you with key insights over time while also empowering you to drill down on specific data points or periods of time. Some things to think about: 

  • What’s your average response time? Could it be lower? 
  • How many customers said they had a positive experience? How many had a negative one? How can you keep improving those numbers? 
  • Are you seeing an increase in dialogues over time? 

Check your access points. Accessibility is key. Pop-out tabs, buttons, and well-placed Let’s Talk! links can all drive traffic to Let’s Talk!. If part of your community has unreliable Wi-Fi access or if district buildings are closed, adding more ways to reach out—such as phone and text lines—may be especially helpful. 

Take a look at your landing page. Is the messaging clear and welcoming? Does it introduce Let’s Talk! and cover why the district is using it? Would you feel compelled to reach out? 

Review your Topics. Do they reflect the topics your community cares about most right now? Looking at your Let’s Talk! Dashboard—especially the Community Voice word cloud and top topics—can help you determine that, as well as reflecting on the types of inquiries you typically get at this point in the year (and how that may or may not be different as we navigate the new normal). 

Consider your promotion strategy. Are you still talking about Let’s Talk!? Your community needs reminders about Let’s Talk!, especially early on, so stakeholders know exactly where to go when they do have an inquiry. 

  • When’s the last time you mentioned Let’s Talk! on social media? 
  • What stakeholders are—or aren’t—receiving Let’s Talk! campaigns?
  • Looking at your dashboard: What customer type is reaching out most often? What customer types are you hearing the least from? 

Our challenge for you: Implement at least one change based on your self-assessment. 

Not sure where to start? Reach out. We’re happy to chat through it with you.