You asked. We Listened. Thank you to all of our LTA early adopters who have taken the time to submit their feedback. 

We’re proud to introduce Let’s Talk Assistant 3.0, which includes updates that make it simpler for everyone on your team to work together to provide a positive experience for every student, parent, teacher, and community member.

What’s New?

Find FAQs quickly and easily

Instead of looking through the individual FAQ section to find your intended FAQ, you can now search for FAQs, FAQ Answers, and Alternative Phrases by keyword using a convenient search bar.

Move FAQs to new sections with ease 

Instead of moving an FAQ to a new location by deleting and recreating it in its new section, you can now transfer FAQs to different categories with just a few simple clicks. Just open the desired FAQ, click “Move to a new section” and choose the new location. 

Say “No, thanks” to spam 

With a simple click, mark unwanted chats as “spam” to automatically move them to a separate spam folder. Chats can be viewed later by selecting “Spam” under the filter function.

Prioritize your workload with a new “ignore” function

“Ignore” chats in the Optimization Table to dismiss them from view. When it’s time to address the chat, If there are chats that do not need immediate action, simply ignore them and come back to them later.


Additional changes and new features

We’ve also implemented improvements to the interface of the “Redirect FAQ” pop-up window from the Optimization Table, including a search bar that will help you locate FAQs by keyword.

Additional exciting features of Let’s Talk Assistant 3.0 include:

  1. The Optimization Table can now be accessed under Let’s Talk Assistant Settings, meaning you can toggle between the FAQ Settings page and the Optimization Table. 
  2. Alternative Phrases and Answers will now be collapsed by default to keep the view clear and organized. 
  3. You can now add alternative phrases when creating new FAQs directly from the Optimization Table, meaning you won’t need to revisit “FAQ Settings” to add alternative phrases once an FAQ is created.