Remember that one time that you stood up and tried to prove a point based on a single anecdote?

How’d that work out?


Your team wants to know if any safety issues have been reported this month.

Your School Board wants to know how many concerns have been received regarding the proposed calendar.

Stories are powerful, but sometimes you need numbers.

Next time, bring backup, and make it good-looking. No need to scramble at the last minute with calculations, screenshots, and cut-and-paste wastelands. The Let’s Talk! Dashboard makes it easy to customize and download reports instantly.

By downloading Dashboard data into our presentation-ready formats, you’ll walk into those meetings with valuable, hard data.

Within Insights, you can instantly download an overview of what’s happening across the district or in one or more Interest Areas. Print, distribute, discuss.

Or, for a more in-depth presentation, download a PowerPoint Presentation to review data from your district, an Interest Area, or a select group of Interest Areas. You’ll have a title screen, table of contents, and native PowerPoint graphs for easy customization and delivery.

Of course, you can customize further, based on the filters, time periods, and other parameters of your choice. Define, download, and out the door!

Instant reports, right when you need them. Backup never looked so good.