Let’s Talk! automatically sends customizable thank you emails to Customers who submit a Dialogue and provide their email address. Beyond the onscreen thank you message, this email provides confirmation that the Customer’s feedback has been received, and that appropriate follow-up action will be taken. Appreciation for participation and setting expectations for next steps are two key pieces of a good message.

System Administrators may create default thank you emails for all Interest Areas. Team Owners may customize thank you emails for their own Interest Areas.

Customizing the Thank You Email

  • From the Settings panel, select Form Messages (listed under Form Setup).
  • To set a default message: On the left-hand navigation, System Administrators will see the Account Default Message Tab.
  • To set a message for a specific Interest Area: Select your Interest Area on the left hand navigation by expanding Interest Area Messages.
  • Click on the Thank You Email option at the top of the page.
  • Click in the subject field to edit the subject. If you would like to insert variable text, select from Insert Variable Text dropdown menu that is beside the subject field.
  • Click in the message field to customize the email message.
  • Insert variable text as needed by clicking where the text should appear and selecting from the Insert Variable Text dropdown menu located in the message toolbar.
  • At any point, selecting Reset to Default will erase all changes you have made and will reset the text to the original messages.
  • Be sure to save your changes by selecting the Save button found in the top right-hand corner of the page