Congratulations on launching your generative AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant. We’re excited to deliver a superior chatbot experience and can’t wait to see how your district leverages Let’s Talk Assistant for AI-powered customer service. 

If you run into questions as you set up your chatbot, check out these common frequently asked questions (FAQs) below:

Q: Can I use the old version of Let’s Talk Assistant?

A: All Let’s Talk users will be upgraded to the generative AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant in April 2024.  All of your information located in the Knowledge Base (now called Resource Center) will transfer over, along with any existing FAQs. 

Q:   How else is AI used in the Let’s Talk product?

A:  AI powers our Let’s Talk platform. Thanks to Let’s Talk’s Resource Center, our platform is equipped with data and information to create generative AI dialogue replies coming to the platform soon. This feature will allow you to instantly create a reply to a dialogue from any source using past dialogues and your content to generate an AI answer. 

Q: Can the AI feature scan my district’s entire website?

A: We support scanning individual web pages to ensure the chatbot is provided with accurate information. Currently, the platform does not scan entire domains or follow links on web pages. We’re planning to make more enhancements to support scanning entire domains.

Q: If we update our website, are scanned web pages automatically updated in Let’s Talk? 

A: Web pages are scanned only at the time of upload and our data is not automatically refreshed. However, users can easily refresh content by reuploading files or rescanning existing URLs added to Let’s Talk. Any updates made to the resources provided are processed and visible in the chatbot within minutes. We have plans to support automatic refresh in the future.

Q: When we add a new document, how does the system know that we uploaded something new?

A: You will be able to see all scanned documents in the Resource Center.  Each time a document or website is added, a card will be created within the appropriate section of the Resource Center. Clicking on the bar graph icon on each card will show when it was created and by whom. 

Q: Can you upload multiple documents at once? Or do we have to go one by one?

A: Yes, you can bulk upload documents to a single section. Documents are organized into Sections in the Resource Center for organizational purposes, and you cannot bulk upload documents to different sections in one step. 

Q: Is there a file size limit for PDFs?

A: The file size limit for PDFs is 25 MB.

Q: Is there a document history or timestamp associated with changes?

A: All resources will show when they were created and who created them, and when they were last updated and by whom. 

Q: Can we have a separate chatbot for human resources or other departments? 

A: Currently, our chatbot operates from a single set of source materials, which means you can only launch one chatbot at this time. We look forward to providing this capability in the future. 

Q: Can we have our own chatbot behind a secure wall? 

A: Yes, the chatbot can be placed behind a secure wall.

Q: Can the AI read flowcharts? 

A: Diagrams like flowcharts can be a bit challenging for the AI to read because the information derived from the connectivity of text on the page is not as easily deciphered by the AI.

Note: The advancements in AI are coming quickly, and we expect the ability to decipher flowcharts and other graphics will come in the near future. 

Q: Can the chatbot interact with SIS?

A: No, until we can offer authenticated chatbot sessions, we have no intention of interacting with SIS data. 

Q: Will only Let’s Talk system administrators be able to upload documents/manage chatbot or will there be a chatbot manager role?

A: Let’s Talk Assistant settings are still limited to System Administrators. After a resource is created, any user can be assigned as a “manager” and then be responsible for keeping it updated. We look forward to expanding access to this feature as we continue to gather input from users after the initial release.

Have additional questions about the generative AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant? Get in touch with our support team.