If you are taking a day or two off, use your personal out-of-office settings to let customers know. 

If the whole district will be closed for more than a day or two, it can be helpful to remind your community of the change in schedule. While many community members should already know the calendar, here are a few suggestions that System Administrators can employ to keep internal and external expectations aligned.


  • Consider updating the welcome message at the top of your landing page or interest area. Even before submitting, a customer will be aware of the change in schedule.


  • Once a customer submits, the onscreen thank-you message is a good place for a reminder. Here, you can manage expectations, as needed.
  • Finally, the follow-up thank-you email sent to any customer who provides an email address offers another chance to remind them of the timeline.

Outta here!

  • Consider using out-of-office settings to improve a customer’s experience. If everyone is gone, you can set an auto-reply email for those who contact your interest area. If some colleagues are still working, you may choose to reassign one as temporary owner of your interest area(s).

Watch the clock!

  • Remember that you can also “stop the clock” during your break, identifying those as vacation days on your internal calendar. If you return from your break and you’ve forgotten to update the settings in Dialogue Aging, you can always update the calendar retroactively.

Once you’ve put up your messages, put up your feet and enjoy your break!