Have you ever…

  • answered the same question more than once?
  • wondered why on earth a customer sent that question to your Topic?
  • wished your Topic was, well, prettier than the rest?

Take advantage of introductory messages to share pertinent information with your customers. Each Topic can have its own unique introduction, including text, images, and links.

First, make sure your customer has come to the right place by offering clarification, as needed. What’s the purpose of this Topic? Add any description you might need to help guide your visitors.

Next, is there anything you’d like to answer up front? Consider the common questions and feedback you receive. Whether you provide this content in text or as a link to a separate resource, you may even answer a question before it’s asked!

Finally, for bonus points, consider a facelift. Are there any images or visuals you’d like to add? Logos, photos, and other features can add to the personality of your Topic. Keep it simple.

Get ready for your close-up! Your System Administrator can help set your Topic up for success. Check out the article below.