The generative AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant is powered by the content uploaded to your district’s Resource Center. To help you ensure your district has a comprehensive chatbot to provide your customers with accurate answers, we’ve introduced the Let’s Talk Assistant Completeness Report, which helps you understand the content gaps you may have in your chatbot’s ability to respond to common community questions.

Generate Completeness Report

From Settings, click on Let’s Talk Assistant then select the Reports tab.

Click the Generate Completeness Report button and another tab will open to prepare the report. Download the report once it is loaded to review the information.

The report will include two tabs: Full Report and Summary. The Full Report will contain the question category, the question and answer from the chatbot, and other valuable information. The Summary will detail how well each category is doing with numerical data.

Use this data to identify content to upload to your Resource Center to ensure you have an accurate and comprehensive chatbot.