Boost your team’s productivity and enhance customer service with AI dialogue replies and more

We’re thrilled to announce the latest updates for Let’s Talk, including new AI features that will supercharge your customer replies and help you free up more time to focus on essential tasks. 

These features include the new ✨ Generate AI Response feature and the AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant Completeness Report which will uplevel your chatbot’s ability to respond to common community questions. We’re also introducing new updates for Basic Telephony and Call Center, along with a variety of updates to enhance your Let’s Talk experience.

Let’s dive into what’s new:

Let’s Talk: New AI features to deliver fast, accurate, and efficient customer service

✨ Generate AI Response for Let’s Talk dialogues

All Let’s Talk users will now see a “✨ Generate AI Response” option when drafting a reply in Let’s Talk. With a simple click, Let’s Talk will generate a response using content from the Resource Center. While our AI is powerful, we always encourage users to proofread and personalize their replies before sending. Learn more about how to use Generate AI Response

✨ AI Themes for Dialogues

Understanding dialogues is now easier with AI Themes for Dialogues. These themes automatically classify each dialogue into preset categories, providing valuable insights into common topics. Themes are consistent across all Let’s Talk accounts and will be updated as new issues emerge.

✨ Let’s Talk Assistant Completeness Report

The AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant Completeness Report tests your chatbot’s ability to respond to common questions so you can proactively update your Resource Center. See how your Let’s Talk Assistant stacks up by running the report in the new “Reports” tab under Let’s Talk Assistant Settings.

Basic Telephony: SMS Opt-Out for texting and list phone numbers by name

SMS Opt-Out for Texting 

We’ve released a new SMS Opt-Out feature in adherence with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This feature provides a default Opt-Out Message sent the first time a phone number texts a district phone number. It also includes an indicator in the customer profile to show if a customer is “Opted-Out,” prevents Let’s Talk users from sending text messages to opted-out customers, and shows in a timeline if a text message was bounced back. 

Language Assignment in Queues

You can now assign a language to any queue to ensure calls are routed to the appropriate language and that the language chosen is captured in the dialogue details should further follow-up be required.

List Phone Numbers by Name 

When placing an outbound call using Let’s Talk’s telephony features, the drop-down menu now shows the phone line’s name in addition to the number.

Call Center: Set Business Hours, see details about agent availability, and assign languages for calls 

Call Center Business Hours (Call Center Only)

Make the most of your team’s time by setting specific times and days of the week when queues are open with the new Call Center Business Hours

Agent Status Report (Call Center Only)

Under the Telephony Report Tab in Call Center, system admins can see details about agent availability. Check out this article to learn more. 

Landing Page and Tab Editor now features a new Tab and FAB Color Picker

Users with access to Landing Page Editor will now be able to select a color from a color palette to match their Let’s Talk Tab and FAB to branding guidelines.

Topics Manager: New spreadsheet template for importing Categories and Topics 

Streamline implementation with a standardized spreadsheet template for importing Categories and Topics. This feature allows system admins to import Categories and Topics in bulk into Let’s Talk instead of manually adding each Category and Topic, saving time during implementation. This tool can also be used to update Topics in bulk (just in time for summer cleanup!)

Notifications and User Log: System Admin Notifications

An enhancement to our User Provisioning API, system admins will now receive a weekly email notification when a new user is added, edited, or made inactive in Let’s Talk. This information will be available in-platform via the updated Activity Log with enhanced filters.

Ready to dive in? 

We’re excited about these updates and look forward to hearing how they transform your customer service. As always, we value your feedback and are here to help your team have the best Let’s Talk experience. If you have questions about these new updates, reach out to your Client Success Manager or our Client Care team.