Introducing Basic Telephony and Call Center

Let’s Talk makes integrating inbound and outbound communications into one platform easy — improving customer service with increased first-call resolution while saving staff time.

With our Basic Telephony and Call Center features, you will have full visibility of your staff’s engagements with your community instead of relying only on form submissions or chats. Your district can manage phone calls and text messages through our included Basic Telephony features or with even more robust features through the Call Center add-on for Let’s Talk. 

Basic Telephony

Basic Telephony — included with your Let’s Talk account — allows you to bring phone calls and texting into Let’s Talk. This feature gives you the ability to handle incoming calls and texts, make outgoing calls, send text replies to customers, and assign Let’s Talk users as phone agents for each phone number.

Add up to 10 phone numbers for phone calls and texting, with an option* to add unlimited phone numbers. 

Users can also create greeting messages and text replies once and apply them across multiple settings. We believe your customers should use the contact method that’s right for them — including by phone or text — and that you should have one place to manage all channels through your Let’s Talk inbox.

*Additional charges apply for over 10 lines.

Call Center

Let’s Talk’s Call Center add-on includes Basic Telephony features plus advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) routing and call center management features — allowing you to use the platform for your comprehensive customer service solution. 

Use round-robin agent queues to make sure your customers get to a human quickly and no one person is overloaded with calls. With this feature, the Call Center automatically sends incoming calls to an available phone agent and distributes calls across available phone agents. 

With IVR, callers can interact with a menu by using the keypad on their phone to find the right department. School districts can use Call Center features to configure IVR menus to ensure callers are routed to the right queue or receive the right voice memo. 

Call Center also provides advanced management tools, making it easy for team leaders to manage queues, change phone agent statuses, and listen to or join an existing call with “call barging” features. Detailed reports allow managers to dig deeper into call data to understand call center operations including the customer experience (CSAT and wait times), agent performance, and call volume.

Ready to get started?

We’re excited for you to leverage Let’s Talk to enhance your phone management needs districtwide. View this PDF to learn more about Basic Telephony and Call Center. 

To add phone numbers to Let’s Talk through Basic Telephony, check out this Learning Center article to learn how

If you’re interested in the Call Center add-on, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager.