Offer the convenience of Let’s Talk Assistant to more of your community by enabling Spanish in Settings > Let’s Talk Assistant. Once enabled by a System Administrator, customers will have the option to interact with either the English or Spanish-speaking Let’s Talk Assistant via the embedded LT Tab.

Note: All replies from the Let’s Talk Assistant are automatically translated into Spanish.

How it works

For Customers

When opening the LT tab, customers will now see a language selection toggle in the upper right or left hand corner, depending on the orientation of the tab.

For LT Users

The Let’s Talk Assistant automatically translates the answers it provides! Default scripts may be translated manually or automatically with Bing Translate.

As new questions, answers, and training phrases are added in English, auto-translation can be used to selectively translate the new additions.

Getting Started

  • Go to Settings > Let’s Talk Assistant
  • On the Let’s Talk Assistant Settings Page, click “Yes” under “Enable Spanish?”

Default Scripts

  • Toggle to Spanish



  • Click on the Bing Auto Translate button to convert your Let’s Talk Assistant’s Greeting, Closing Message, Urgent Contact, and Error Messages to Spanish
  • In the Auto Translate pop up window, select “Everything” to translate all existing Default Scripts.
  • Translations for each Default Script will appear to the right of the original message. If necessary, edit the translations and click “Save” to confirm each modification.

Let’s Talk Assistant Optimization

To access the Optimization Table, locate the Let’s Talk Assistant section in the left panel of the Inbox view, and click on Optimization. On this page you will see the most recent chats that have been submitted to your Let’s Talk Assistant, including customer info, the customer question, the response, and the helpfulness rating.


  • System Administrators can access customer interactions in Spanish-only by clicking on the “Filter” button in the top right corner and selecting “Spanish Data Only”
  • See LTA Optimization for the full details on how to optimize your Let’s Talk Assistant

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It’s easier than ever to deliver instant and accurate answers with generative AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant. If you don’t have Let’s Talk Assistant live on your website and want to begin saving time for your team by offering AI-powered customer service, reach out to your Client Success Manager to activate the chatbot for your account.