When visitors come to your website, where do they go to find contact information?

Is Let’s Talk! there?

Having a great-looking Let’s Talk! button and pop-out tab on your homepage can be a strong start, but remember that your community might not know what Let’s Talk! is all about right away.

Integrating Let’s Talk! in a smart way makes it easier for your community to contact you, increases Dialogue volume, and simplifies responding and collaborating.

Direct feedback straight to Let’s Talk! rather than to dozens of different silos: email, voicemail, contact forms, fax, social media… you name it!

A few angles to try:

TOPICS: Give ‘em something to talk about! Revisit the interest areas on your landing page(s) to make sure they’re still fresh and of interest!

CONTACT US: If you have a Contact Us button or link on your website, you have a perfect place to embed your landing page. Customers will click on the familiar Contact Us option and be directed to the landing page – allowing them to contact the interest area of their choice directly.

CONTACT ___: Any individual, department, school, or other topic with a contact option can have a Dialogue Form embedded on the right page. Remove the email address and drop in a link or form! For example, Contact the Superintendent can be both an interest area on the Landing Page and an embedded Dialogue Form. Include introductory text and a photo to further customize the interest area.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Not only does it look cool to have a row of social media icons on your website, but adding a matching Let’s Talk! icon encourages further exploration and engagement. Only you will know that you’re managing all of these tools from the same platform!

As you update your website and as your top topics change, revisit the integration conversation to direct community members to Let’s Talk! as seamlessly as possible.