Clear communication and great consistent service is the key to keeping your district happy, but there are some questions that really shouldn’t require you to spend 5 minutes typing out, replying back to, and managing an entire dialogue (or email!) each time. Those are the FAQs of your district. Chances are these questions already exist somewhere, posted on different website pages, and managed by multiple teams to answer the most frequently asked questions for their department.

If you’re interested in setting this up for your District, be sure to check out our Getting Started Guide to see what the journey looks like.

Introducing the Let’s Talk! Assistant

The Let’s Talk! Assistant is an AI-based chatbot that your district can set up with a number of FAQs, place on your district website, and have it be the 24-hour front line staff member always available to answer common questions. How does it work? Test it yourself on the Let’s Talk! Assistant that lives on MCSD!

On the website

The Let’s Talk! Assistant is embedded as a tab on your district site. It houses both the Assistant as well as the tab that sends questions directly into Let’s Talk! If you are a System Admin, and your district already has the Let’s Talk! tab embedded, then adding the Assistant is simply enabling it within the Tab Editor, and you’re done!


If you don’t already have the Let’s Talk! Tab on your website, you can go to Settings > Tab Editor > Enable Let’s Talk! Assistant, and then Click on Share to grab the embed code to send to your webmaster. They will know how to use the code to get it up on the district’s website!



Let’s Talk! Assistant settings live under Settings > Let’s Talk! Assistant.

Give your Assistant a name! By default, its called the Let’s Talk! Assistant, but we want your district to be able to give this assistant some personality!

Change up the greetings. In addition to giving the Assistant a name, you can also change how you want the Assistant to greet the customers! Under default script, you can the default greetings for:

  • Greeting: The opening line! How the Assistant should say hello.
  • Closing Message: The farewell. How the Assistant should end the chat.
  • Urgent Contact: How the Assistant can direct customers to contact the district directly.
  • Error Message: The Assistant’s way of saying they can’t understand the question that is being asked.


At the top of settings, click on FAQs to find the knowledge–base, or where all the FAQ pairs live.

Category: You can create new categories to help organize the different FAQs entered into the system.  You can turn each category on/off as needed.

FAQ: Use the + Add New FAQ button to add FAQs to categories.

Each FAQ requires a question and an answer, also know as an FAQ pair. With each question, you can add additional training phrases, the various ways you anticipate the customers to ask the question. We recommend anywhere between 5-10 training phrases for each question.

You can also set a Topic for each FAQ category, so if a customer decides they need additional support by sending in a dialogue, it will go directly to the most relevant team.

Embed Specific Categories: You can embed a specific category or categories of FAQs with an Assistant by clicking on the Embed button at the top left–hand corner.

Chat or Dialogue?

Whenever a customer uses the Let’s Talk! Assistant, each conversation is logged as a Dialogue within the Let’s Talk! System. Depending on the Customer’s interaction, the system will bring it in as either closed dialogues, letting you know the inquiry is resolved, or as open, indicating the customer could use some more help.

  • If the customer is happy with the Assistant’s response and rates it helpful, or if they leave the chat session completely, the Dialogue will come in as closed.
  • If the customer is unhappy with the Assistant’s response and rates it unhelpful, or decides to proactively turn their question into a Dialogue, it will come in as open. 

You will know the Dialogue came through the Assistant with the entry point denoted as “Let’s Talk! Assistant”