Your Let’s Talk! page is capable of integrating Google News search results. All Users will be able to review items pulled from Google News and any defined Additional Sources.

Search for multiple keywords within news, and then narrow down the news sources by selecting only those from your defined Additional Sources.

Let’s Talk! News

Narrow Down a Keyword Search

After searching for a keyword, select the vertical ellipsis in the right-hand corner of the search column. Then, select Preferences, and choose to display news items filtered from the preferred sources you’ve added on the Settings page. If you aren’t able to access these Settings, check with a System Administrator.

You’ll see more specific local news, making it easy to narrow in on items about your district and community.

Preferred Source options

Making a Dialogue and Discarding News Items

The Make Dialogue option converts the selected news item into a Dialogue. After selecting Make Dialogue, assign the news item to an Interest Area.

Users may also choose to Discard All news items in a stream or Delete a stream by clicking on the three vertical ellipsis.

Google News More icon options