All Users can add new Team Members within individual Dialogues, but only System Administrators and Team Owners can add permanent Team Members to Topics.

If you’re a System Administrator or Topic Owner, you can edit the Topics of active Users on the Users page under Settings. 

  • Click on the User’s name to edit
  • Click on the Topic drop-down menu
  • Select and/or Deselect the correct Topics and Save

** Please note Topic Owners will only see the Topics they own when clicking on the Topic drop-down menu**

System Administrators can also edit this information by Topic within the Topics Manager under Settings.

  • Search for a topic name, or click on the Category and check the Topic box. You can select more than one at a time.
  • Click on the topic to open the editor.
  • Add,  remove, or modify users then Save

For more information, check out the Adding and Managing Users and Creating and Managing Topics articles!