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Add an Internal Comment

Internal Comments Internal Comments offer the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues — sharing information and setting expectations while simplifying the Customer’s experience. They also are a helpful tool for documenting follow-up that occurs outside of Let’s Talk! – such as in-person meetings and phone calls. Internal Comments are visible to all team members, but not […]

Assign Dialogue to a Team Member

If you want to assign a team member as the owner of a Dialogue, simply: Click in the Owner field If you are the current owner this will be displayed as “Me”. From the dropdown menu that appears, you will see the names of your team members. Select the name of desired new owner from the […]

Add Team Members to a Dialogue

If you want to bring in someone else from your organization to join the Dialogue and conversation: Option One Under the Team Members section to the left of the Dialogue, click on the Edit Team Members icon to bring up a new window. Type in the name of each colleague you’d like to add, then select […]

Share a Dialogue

To share a Dialogue with someone who is not a Let’s Talk! User: Click on the right facing arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the Dialogue screen, just below the Dialogue number. Enter the relevant email address(es). Multiple addresses should be separated by commas. Enter a message letting the recipient(s) know why this message […]

Set Up My Profile

To find out who you are in the world of Let’s Talk!, check out the Profile section. To access Profile, first click on your name in the top right-hand corner of your account. Under your name, click on Settings. The screen you’ll be taken to is Profile. Editing My Profile Review the descriptions of the […]

Digest Frequency: Important information sent to your inbox

Dialogue and Dashboard Digests Keep important information at your fingertips with Dialogue and Dashboard Digests. Each User can set his or her own preferences regarding Digest delivery. System Administrators do not control these settings account-wide. Dialogue Digest Sends an overview of Dialogues assigned to you or your team. You’ll see a list of all of […]

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