Your Let’s Talk! page is capable of integrating personal and organizational Twitter accounts. Users who are assigned as Twitter team members for an account will be able to review potential Twitter Dialogues for that account under Channels.

On this page, you’ll find a multi-column layout. By clicking on any of the buttons under the account selection dropdown on the Add Stream column, you will add a new column to your layout.


Tweet from Let’s Talk!

To send a Tweet directly from Let’s Talk!, click on the Compose Tweet button. Select an account, write, and send 140 characters to your community.

compose tweet

Twitter Geo-Filter

If you select Search, and search for a hashtag or phrase related to your district, you can narrow down search results to your district community using the Twitter geo-filter.
To access the geo-filter, click the more icon on the top right side of the search column.

Then, select Preferences. Under the Preferences menu, add your search term, and then specify the ZIP code and search radius.

Geo-location Filter

Geo-location Filter

Making a Dialogue and Discarding Tweets

The Make Dialogue option converts the selected tweet into a Dialogue. After selecting Make Dialogue, assign the Tweet to an Interest Area. Users may also choose to Discard All Tweets in a stream or Delete a stream by clicking on the three vertical ellipsis.