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Inbox Filters


Upon login, you will land on the Dialogues inbox. From here, you can navigate different sections at the top to see the different dialogues in your accounts.

Assigned to me

  • First page Users see upon logging in.
  • Shows every active Dialogue for which the User is an Owner and responsible for follow-up.
  • If a User is a Team Owner for multiple Interest Areas, Dialogues for all of those Interest Areas will appear here.
  • If no relevant Dialogues are open, displayed message reads You are not the Team Lead for any Dialogues.


  • Includes all Dialogues to which User belongs as a Team Owner or Member.
  • User may be a default Team Owner or Member, or may have been added to a Dialogue belonging to a different Interest Area.
  • If no relevant Dialogues are open, displayed message reads You are not a Team Member for any Dialogues.


  • Visible only to System Administrators and Global Users.
  • Includes all active Dialogues within the system.
  • Although System Administrators and Global Users can see these Dialogues, they are not responsible for follow-up.


  • Includes all Dialogues to which the User had access.
  • System Administrators and Global Users will see all Closed Dialogues from within the system.


  • When viewing Dialogues listed in any of these inbox views, a star appears on the far left of the entry.
  • Clicking on this star so that it turns yellow adds the selected Dialogue to the Bookmarks list.
  • Clicking on Bookmarks pulls up all of the starred Dialogues.

Understanding Inbox Columns

Inbox ColumnDescription
Bookmark IconSelect the star to save the Dialogue as a bookmark. Bookmarked Dialogues are found in the Bookmark folder.
CustomerThe name of the customer who either submitted a Dialogue using the Let's Talk! form, or the name provided to the Let's Talk! recorder if submitted indirectly.
Dialogue Entry Point (no header)Using icons, this displays how the Dialogue was entered into Let's Talk!.
Inbox TickerIndicates the total number of Unopened, In Progress, and Pending Dialogues for your account. This is not a district wide measure, but rather, a snapshot of the current Users Dialogue states.
Interest AreaDisplays the Interest Area assigned to the Dialogue.
OwnerDisplays the current owner of the Dialogue. Owners can be any User within your Let's Talk! account. This individual is responsible for owning the progress of the Dialogue until it reaches a closed state.
PriorityDisplays the priority level set by users measuring the relative importance and priority of the Dialogue. The display options are; P1(Urgent), P2(Normal), and P3(Low).
ReceivedThis column identifies the date (and time) of when a Dialogue was received. The date and time display depends on when the Dialogue was received.
Star iconSelect the star to save the Dialogue as a bookmark. Bookmarked Dialogues are found in the Bookmark folder.
StatusThis column displays the current status of the Dialogue set by by the user.
Unopened: dialogue has not yet been opened by any user.
In Progress: dialogue has had some action performed such as comments added, reply to customer, etc.
Pending Details: additional information has been requested by the user. To learn more about the differences between Pending Details and In Progress, watch this video .
Closed: feedback posed by customer is considered resolved and no further action is required.
SubjectThe subject line found on the Let’s Talk! customer form submitted by the customer. For Dialogues received outside of the customer form (Facebook,Twitter, Email, etc.) the body content of the message will be displayed in the subject field.