The Let’s Talk! Tab is easy to implement and gives your Customers easy access throughout your district or school website. This Tab sits either on the side or bottom of your webpage and pops out when clicked, allowing the Customer to fill out a simple Let’s Talk! form and you to quickly gather feedback. By just copying and pasting a block of code once, the Tab can be easily implemented on all pages of your website.

Example Use Case
You’ve just rolled out Let’s Talk! on your district website and want to make it available at the school level as well. Currently, your school websites are hosted off your district website — and the thought of embedding a Let’s Talk! form on each school page at this time of year seems like too much work. Instead, you copy and paste the Let’s Talk! Tab embed code into your website’s header code. This simple approach makes the Tab available on all your webpages, including the schools’ sites! Users can still select an Interest Area so the right Dialogues go to the right people.

Customizing Tab Design

Under Settings, click on Tab Editor (listed under Form Setup).

  • Click the green Edit button found in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Under Details, choose the Tab you would like to edit from the dropdown.
  • Under Tab Properties, customize the width and the message to be displayed along the Tab (Title) before it is expanded.
  • Review the menu of color options under Tab Style and make your choice.
  • From the Tab Style menu, select your preferred Tab placement by using the Placement dropdown.
  • Choose your preferred Tab Icon by selecting a logo or clicking none.
  • Under Tab Form Settings, add the message you would like Customers to see at the top of the opened Tab. This message appears above the Interest Area dropdown menu.
  • Click on ‘Set up order’ under Tab Form Settings to choose and organize the Interest Areas to appear in this Tab.

Get the Tab Online

Find the Code(s)

Click on Share in the top right-hand corner of the Tab Editor page.

  • Email – Enter the email address of the individual to receive the Tab embed code(s). You may choose an entire Tab, or manually select specific Interest Areas. Be sure to include a message. Technical instructions on how to embed the Tab will be included in the email notification. Click Send.
  • Embed – Copy the embed code to your clipboard in order to add it directly to your website.
  • Download – Generate and save an Excel file of each of your Tab embed codes.

Where to Put Them

The Tab can be implemented by copying the embed code in the Download Form Links Excel file and pasting it into either the header or the footer sections of your website. Specifically, the code can be added after the closing </html> tag or within the <head> tag. See the two examples for placement below:

<!DOCTYPE html>