Team Owners have many responsibilities, including maintaining and customizing settings for their own Topics.


Under Settings, Team Owners can access Form Messages to create and edit specific messages for Customers of the Topic, including the following:

  • Introduction Message: Customers see this message at the top of the Topic’s Dialogue Form. Best practices for this message suggest including a quick description of the Topic’s purpose, the relevant issues or subjects, and even who is being contacted through this form.
  • Thank You Message: Customers see this message onscreen after submitting a Dialogue. Different messages can be customized to specify follow-up for each of the two different possible situations:
    • Provided Contact Info: A message for Customers who included contact information
    • Remained Anonymous: A message for Customers who choose to stay anonymous
  • Thank You Email: Customers who provide an email address will receive this thank you email after submitting a Dialogue. Best practices for this message include letting Customers know an approximate timeframe within which the team will review and respond accordingly.

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In addition to customizing the messages for their Topics, Team Owners can also edit the Users for those Topics. These edits can be made under Settings by selecting Users. An Owner will see a list of all Users with access to any Topic he or she owns.

On the Users page, an Owner can add new Users, edit current Users, and view details such as activation and Out of Office status. Team Owners can also export a list of Users and resend activation emails to pending Users.

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