Of course security is a big thing, and that’s good news. If you find that Dialogues or notification emails (Hey — you have a new Dialogue! Hey — you’ve been added to a team!) aren’t getting to your users, that’s not good news.

If that’s the case, it’s possible that whitelisting will sort out your delivery issue. If you already know what whitelisting is, great. Skip ahead to the details below. In general, for the rest of us: whitelisting lets your firewall know which kinds of messages should be allowed through. Think of your firewall as the bouncer at a really exclusive club. Only those on the list get in — and you want to be on that list.

Here’s what you need to know [or pass along to someone else on your team!]:

The Details: Setting Up Whitelisting

To ensure emails make it to the intended recipients without interruption, the following mail and web servers should be whitelisted. The email addresses below should also be whitelisted and added to the contact list.

Mail Servers

Hostname: mail.k12-lets-talk.com
IP Address:
Hostname: mail10.k12-lets-talk.com
IP Address:

Web Server

Hostname: www.k12insight.com
Hostname: k12insight.com
IP Address:
Hostname: static.k12insight.com
IP Address:

IP Address:
Aliases:  cdn.k12insight.com

Email Addresses


If you’ve set up whitelisting and still seem to be having issues, check in with our Client Services team for further investigation.