This section outlines how Users can review Dialogues that enter the Let’s Talk! platform via social media, news, and email. Users have the ability to capture items from these varied inputs and determine whether to discard these items, convert them into Dialogues and send them to other teams, or to reply back through social media, capturing the content as Dialogues.

In Settings, System Administrators were taught how to integrate social media tools into their Let’s Talk! accounts under Input Method on the Settings page. Adding selected Users to the team for each tool is also discussed in that section.

Channels appear on the Dialogues page, under Inboxes. The Channels you see will be based on your permissions.

*NOTE: Our Facebook & Instagram integration is currently under construction.  In the meantime, consider linking your Let’s Talk! Landing Page to your district Facebook or Instagram account, behind the contact us button, as pictured below.