How Do I...

Providing good customer service is the most important goal to keep in mind. This means making sure each message receives a response from the right person. Simple enough, right? Absolutely. Beyond the basics, the Let’s Talk! platform offers opportunities to collaborate with other district colleagues, to redirect messages to those best suited to respond, and to review metrics on many aspects of these conversations. Pick your topic and learn more about what Let’s Talk! can do for you.

Add Social Media Accounts

This section outlines how Users can review Dialogues that enter the Let’s Talk! platform via social media, news, and email. Users have the ability to capture items from these varied inputs and determine whether to discard these items, convert them into Dialogues and send them to other teams, or to reply back through social media, […]

Set up Out of Office

If you’re going to be gone from the school or office for a period of time, chances are you’ll be gone from Let’s Talk! as well. Don’t leave your customers and colleagues hanging! Plan for customers to be taken care of by someone else, or notified of when you will return.         […]

Search Dialogues

Looking for something? First, remember that the Dialogues you can view are based on your permissions and interest areas. Next, is it data you want or specific Dialogues? Check the Dashboard for data. If you’re looking for specific Dialogues, no problem. All Users can take advantage of both Simple and Advanced Searches. Simple Search On […]

Team Owner Access

Team Owners have many responsibilities, including maintaining and customizing settings for their own Topics. Success Messages Under Settings, Team Owners can access Success Messages to create and edit specific messages for Customers, including the following: On-Screen Confirmation Messages – appears on screen after a Customer has submitted a Dialogue: Standard Customers Hidden Customers Anonymous Customers […]

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