How Do I...

Providing good customer service is the most important goal to keep in mind. This means making sure each message receives a response from the right person. Simple enough, right? Absolutely. Beyond the basics, the Let’s Talk! platform offers opportunities to collaborate with other district colleagues, to redirect messages to those best suited to respond, and to review metrics on many aspects of these conversations. Pick your topic and learn more about what Let’s Talk! can do for you.

Download Dialogue Data

Want to archive data to perform thematic analysis on trending topics? Data helps you to move forward from simply listening to learning and leading. Global Users and Users who belong to a Topic can download an individual Dialogue or many selected Dialogues at once. Single Dialogue Download In the top right-hand corner of the chosen […]

Split Dialogues

Separate a single dialogue into two dialogues When someone in your community submits a dialogue that contains multiple questions or requires the work from multiple departments, rather than passing it back and forth between Topics or Owners, you can split the dialogue into multiple dialogues!  Here’s how –  Open the dialogue that you want to […]

Merge Dialogues

Combine multiple dialogues into one dialogue When someone in your community sends in multiple dialogues regarding the same issue, perhaps even across multiple Topics, rather than closing them out one at a time with the same response, combine them into one dialogue and proceed from that!  Here’s how –  In your inbox, select all the […]

Customer History

Access all conversations from a customer Sometimes customers might refer to previous requests, questions, or interactions they’ve had with your district when they submit a dialogue, and in some cases, being able to see that history can better help you understand and serve their needs.  Use the Customer History feature to quickly see some key […]

How to Create Custom Topics

Do you need to create a Custom Topic for your Landing Page? Now System Admins can do so from the Landing Page/Tab Editor within Settings.  After selecting a Landing Page where the Custom Topic will live, click on the “Add Custom Button” option.  You will see the following custom options: Add a New Topic: Create […]

Basic Telephony: How to Set Up Phone Numbers in Let’s Talk

Skip to: Phone Number Settings Queue Settings Greetings Settings Texting Settings   Welcome to the Let’s Talk’s telephony features, where you can transform your district’s communication experience. These features empower you to use the platform for phone lines and texting, efficiently managing incoming and outgoing calls, agent queues, and more. Below is a guide to […]

Add Social Media Accounts

This section outlines how Users can review Dialogues that enter the Let’s Talk! platform via social media, news, and email. Users have the ability to capture items from these varied inputs and determine whether to discard these items, convert them into Dialogues and send them to other teams, or to reply back through social media, […]

Resource Management: Streamlining Your Content

Welcome to the Let’s Talk Resource Center, where efficiency meets organization! In this article, we’ll explore what the Resource Center is and how you can effectively utilize it to manage various types of resources to enhance the interactions with your customers. What is the Resource Center? With the release of the generative AI-powered Let’s Talk […]