Currently, the Let’s Talk! platform provides an API integration for the following use cases:

  1. Login to Let’s Talk platform through SSO
  2. Creation of New Dialogue
  3. Update existing Dialogues in system

Login in Let’s Talk! platform

The Let’s Talk! platform supports different single sign-on (SSO) methods for login. As of now the Let’s Talk! platform has been integrated with various AD systems such as Identity Automation, Microsoft Azure, OneLogin, Google Active Directory Sync (GADS), etc. Below is the list of SSO methods supported in Let’s Talk! Platform.


Using SSO, a user can log in once and gain access to different applications, without the need to re-enter log-in credentials at each application. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a standard protocol for web browser Single Sign-On (SSO) using secure tokens.

Let’s Talk! supports all IdP initiated SAML SSO.

The team will need the following information from the client to setup an SSO.

  1. Metadata of IdP
  2. Certificate for establishing SSO

After receiving the information above, the team will share our metadata and certificate that the client needs to set up in their AD.

Using any AD/LDAP

The Let’s Talk! platform supports SSO through various AD systems. For an AD/LDAP integration, the client needs to provide the following information:

  1. AD URL
  2. AD user id: A test user needs to be created in the AD that the Let’s Talk! system can use to authenticate
  3. AD password: Password of the test user that is created in the AD

Additionally, in the client’s AD directory there should be a separate field or a group with the name AllowLT. All users with AllowLT field value of ‘Yes’ will be allowed to log into Let’s Talk! Platform and vice versa.

Google based SSO

We already have fully functional Google based SSO.

If clients with Gmail based email addresses are also registered as Let’s Talk! Users through the same Gmail email address, then Google based SSO will automatically work for them.

Users who have already logged into their Google account do not need to authenticate again when logging into Let’s Talk! They can simply click a button on the page below and log into their account.

API Functionality: Creation of New Tickets

The Let’s Talk! platform supports APIs which can be used to create new tickets/dialogues/issue request into different platforms.

The Let’s Talk! platform can deposit the data received in its own Dialogue submission form to other systems/ticketing solutions and open a new ticket in these systems.

The Let’s Talk! platform supports both SOAP and REST API protocols.

API Functionality: Update existing Dialogues in Let’s Talk! Platform

The Let’s Talk! platform can provide APIs which can be used to update the existing Dialogues present in your account.

The basic update that can be done using the API is updating the status of the Dialogue. However, based on the requirement of different users, The Let’s Talk! platform can provide APIs to make various updates to existing Dialogues. Some of the update examples are listed below.  

  • Adding/deleting team members in Dialogues
  • Automatically assigning Dialogue to different user/departments based on predefined conditions
  • Sending predefined email replies to Dialogue customers
  • Dialogue escalation to different team members based on the duration of Dialogue.

Authentication for the API call above can be done with two methods:

  • IP address authentication
  • User authentication

Sample web service

Check out a sample web service for updating existing Dialogue status