Could filling out a Dialogue form be any easier?


Save time and improve accessibility for your community members by encouraging use of the customer app.

User App Image

Let’s Talk! User App


While you may already be familiar with the user app, built to help users manage their Dialogues and Dashboards, the customer app is designed for those members of your community who will be sending in feedback to your district.

Customer App Image

Let’s Talk! Customer App


Customers can easily find the app by searching “Let’s Talk!” or by downloading from your very own landing page, if you like.



When customers download the app, they’ll be prompted to enter their contact information.  From now on, for each Dialogue, they can choose to share contact information or remain anonymous. Because the contact information is stored securely, even anonymous Dialogues can receive responses — while maintaining complete anonymity.

Customers will also be asked for their Let’s Talk! ID. This is a unique code that identifies your landing page. This code can be found on your landing page – for example, PS0123. This allows you to control who sees which landing page.

Once they’ve entered contact information and have connected the right landing page or pages, customers can easily submit feedback whenever they want. Since interest areas update when you revise your landing page, the app is always ready with the latest topics.

So, roll it out, and watch the feedback roll in!