Our gift to you – Let’s Talk! 15.0! After a challenging 2020, we wanted to build a few tools to make your work in 2021 easier. Improve efficiency through a better inbox and automatic workflows to help streamline repetitive tasks.

Features in this month’s release


Everyone has work that must get done, and workflow automation helps reduce – or even eliminate – the time that needs to be spent on repetitive processes. This means everyday tasks get done faster, and employees spend more time on more complex issues. System  Administrators can now create automatic workflows to build efficiency, improve performance outcomes, and enhance data

Custom Inbox with Message Previews

The new Inbox customization features allow you to organize your inbox for the way you like to work.

  • Choose the fields that matter to you and group related messages. 
  • See at-a-glance recent dialogue activity.
  • Preview messages from your inbox – no clicks needed. 

Enhanced Translation Settings

Engage your non-English speaking community members. Now it’s easier than ever to add translations for the languages your community speaks.

Translators can now:

  • Translate categories, topics, and form messages in Settings – previously, this function was limited to System Administrators.
  • Copy the same translated Form Messages to multiple Landing Pages/Interest Areas

Instant Tags

Add or create tags in the moment – categorize interactions and find trends. Available to all users.

Additional enhancements include: 

  • Cx Opt-Out Enhancements: Make collecting feedback the rule, not the exception, by specifying the select few who can opt-out of sending Cx forms.
  • Dashboard Enhancements
    • A list of applied filters is now included on shared dashboards. 
    • The 15-minute expiration for report downloads has been eliminated.