The new Let’s Talk! Knowledge Base feature makes it easy for districts to create and share articles to keep everyone in the know. Goodbye repeat questions – Hello Knowledge Base – and time back in your day!

What is Let’s Talk! Knowledge Base?

Let’s Talk! Knowledge Base is a self-serve online library of articles for both customers and internal teams to use. Articles can be fully customized with text, photo, and video content; Perfect for how-to-guides, video tutorials, and policy information. Once published, customers can easily access these articles from your district website.

Keep Information Organized

Articles are searchable, and neatly separated into sections with filter views; Article Managers are assigned members of your team who are responsible for maintaining content.

Enable Self-Service

Instead of submitting a dialogue, customers can find answers through Knowledge Base or by chatting with Let’s Talk! Assistant. If they still have questions,  dialogues can be submitted directly from the Article’s page – with Tags automatically applied.

Knowledge Base with Let’s Talk! Assistant

Links to related Knowledge Base Articles can accompany chatbot responses to provide customers with additional details, if they need it.

Share Consistent Information at Scale

Share one, several, or all Articles in your Knowledge Base via URL, email, or embed code.

Article Metrics

Get real-time insights about how customers are interacting with your Knowledge Base.