If you are a Let’s Talk! User in your district, then it’s important to know how your roles within the system contribute to a successful implementation – and exceptional service for your community!

In this article we’ll cover two types of roles:

  • System Permissions that determine your level of access in Let’s Talk!
  • Category and Topic Roles which determine your topic-specific responsibilities in Let’s Talk! 

To find out which roles apply to you, look under your Settings > Permissions.

System Permissions

You are assigned to one of four role types when you are added as a User in the Let’s Talk! system that defines your permission level within the tool. 

  1. System Administrator: This role has full access to the Let’s Talk! Account, overseeing all activity and has the ability to customize all account settings, including the Topics, Users, and Roles for the district.
  2. Global User: This role serves as an overseer of all dialogue activities within the district’s account. Global Users have access to all dialogues and dashboards within the system, but limited access to account settings.
  3. Team Member: Most Users in Let’s Talk! will be assigned this role. Team Member’s can access dialogues submitted to the Topic(s) they belong to and any dialogues they are added to.
  4. Recorder: This role allows a User to exclusively create dialogues from in-bound inquiries, such as in-person visits, phone calls, or letter communications. Recorders are unable to respond to dialogues.
RoleSettings AccessDialogues AccessDashboard AccessReply to Customers?
System AdministratorAll FeaturesAll DialoguesOverview - All Data
Comparison - All Data
Global UserRole-specific FeaturesAll DialoguesOverview - All Data
Comparison - All Data
Team MemberRole-specific FeaturesTopic SpecificOverview - Topic DataYes
RecorderRole-specific FeaturesTopic or Dialogue SpecificOverview - Topic DataNo

Category and Topic Area Roles

Once you are assigned system permissions, you can also be assigned Category and Topic specific roles. You can hold multiple roles across different Categories and Topics that you are assigned to.


Category Owner

If you are assigned this role, you are responsible for an entire Category – a group of related Topics. This effectively makes you a system administrator for the Category! You will have the ability to create Topics and assign Users within each of those Topics, as well as see all data and metrics for your category. 


  • Oversee Topics within the Category, including Overview dashboard metrics
  • Create Topics within the Category
  • Assign users to Topics within the Category
  • Create Category-specific access points such as Landing Pages and Tabs
  • Customize Category-specific settings, including translations. 

This role is assigned by System Administrators on the Topics Manager page within Settings by selecting the Category name. This role is optional, and only one Category Owner can be assigned per Category. Only Users with Team Member system permissions can be made Category Owners.

Team Owner

If you are made an owner of a Topic, then you are the person accountable for all dialogues coming into the Topic. Owners are notified when new dialogues are received, but can delegate dialogues to Team Members or redirect to other Topics. 


  • Oversee dialogue activity within the Topic, including Overview dashboard metrics
  • Ensure all dialogues are closed out in a timely manner
  • Customize Form Messages for the Topic
  • Add Users to the Topic

This role is assigned by System Administrators or Category Owners. This is a required role, and only one Topic Owner can be assigned per Topic.

Team Member

If you are made a Team Member of a Topic, then you have access to all dialogues within that Topic. You have been identified as a content expert for the topic of interest and will often be relied upon to answer dialogues. You are responsible for ensuring any dialogues that are assigned to you by the Team Owner are handled before the past due date. 


  • Collaborate with the Topic Owner and the rest of Team Members to ensure dialogues are responded to within a timely manner. 
  • Oversee dialogue activity within the Topic, including Overview dashboard metrics.

This role is assigned by System Administrators, Category Owners or Topic Owners. There is no limit to the number of Team Members per Topic.