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Providing good customer service is the most important goal to keep in mind. This means making sure each message receives a response from the right person. Simple enough, right? Absolutely. Beyond the basics, the Let’s Talk! platform offers opportunities to collaborate with other district colleagues, to redirect messages to those best suited to respond, and to review metrics on many aspects of these conversations. Pick your topic and learn more about what Let’s Talk! can do for you.

Search Dialogues

Looking for something? First, remember that the Dialogues you can view are based on your permissions and interest areas. Next, is it data you want or specific Dialogues? Check the Dashboard for data. If you’re looking for specific Dialogues, no problem. All Users can take advantage of both Simple and Advanced Searches. Simple Search On […]

Dialogue Details – Understand each section of a dialogue

Let’s drill down on one specific Dialogue. Open a Dialogue by clicking on it from the Inbox view. Customer Information Dialogue Details Team Members Tags Attachments Original Message Action Buttons Timeline Date Received and Dialogue Age Bookmark and Forward Dialogue Fields The following table describes the various fields and sections found on the Dialogue Details […]

Understanding the Customer Dialogue Form

Need to explain to your community how Let’s Talk! works? Use this video! Looking for a Spanish version of the video above? Click here!  Depending on how you’ve set up your Let’s Talk! page, Customers may be selecting their Interest Area of choice from a menu-like landing page, or they may be sent directly to the […]

Cx Scores: How it works

Customer Feedback Forms and collecting Cx Scores Gathering feedback is a big part of Let’s Talk!, and hearing from customers on the service they received is an important piece. How it Works When a User clicks Send/Post as Closed, a pop-up will appear letting the User know that the Dialogue will be closed. When the […]

Perform Bulk Actions

Need to tag and close multiple Dialogues at once or send the same reply to several customers? Meet the Bulk Editor! Performing Bulk Replies and Edits From the Inbox view, choose the Dialogues you want to edit by selecting multiple checkboxes to the left of the Entry Point Icon. When multiple Dialogues are selected, the Bulk […]

Download Dialogue Data

Want to archive data to perform thematic analysis on trending topics? Data helps you to move forward from simply listening to learning and leading. Global Users and Users who belong to an Interest Area can download an individual Dialogue or many selected Dialogues at once. Single Dialogue Download In the top right-hand corner of the […]

Add Social Media Accounts

This section outlines how Users can review Dialogues that enter the Let’s Talk! platform via social media, news, and email. Users have the ability to capture items from these varied inputs and determine whether to discard these items, convert them into Dialogues and send them to other teams, or to reply back through social media, […]

Set up Out of Office

If you’re going to be gone from the school or office for a period of time, chances are you’ll be gone from Let’s Talk! as well. Don’t leave your customers and colleagues hanging! Plan for customers to be taken care of by someone else, or notified of when you will return.     The User: […]

Team Owner Access

Team Owners have many responsibilities, including maintaining and customizing settings for their own Interest Areas. Messages Under Settings, Team Owners can access Form Messages to create and edit specific messages for Customers of the Interest Area, including the following: Introduction Message: Customers see this message at the top of the Interest Area’s Dialogue Form. Best […]

Dashboard: Comparison

The Comparison report is only available for System Administrators and Global Users. This report compares the performance of all Users, Interest Area Categories, and Interest Area Topics to each other and the district average. Accessing the Comparison Report Click the Dashboard (bar graph) icon in the top left-hand corner of your account. On the left-hand […]

‘Contact Us’ Button for Facebook Pages

Increase your engagement with your community through district and school Facebook pages by adding a ‘Contact Us’ button that links to Let’s Talk! Follow these simple steps (it takes less than 2 minutes!) to make it happen: Navigate to your Facebook page manager Click on the blue Add a Button option Select Contact you Select Contact Us Click Next Paste the link […]

How To: Create Desktop Shortcuts to Let’s Talk! Forms

Do you have a Let’s Talk! Form that you want students and/or staff to be able to easily access on the desktop of their school-issued devices? Share the below instructions with your Network or IT Administrator!   You might use this when: You have a customized bullying form that you want all students to have […]

Text into Let’s Talk!

Allow your district community to be able to text their questions, concerns, or comments to a number provided by Let’s Talk!. The system then instantly turns that message into a dialogue.  On the backend, your team can manage and track the message just as they would with any other Let’s Talk! submission. When your team […]

Authenticate your district’s email domain

All email communications (replies to customers, forwarded dialogues, etc) sent out via Let’s Talk! are all sent out through the email domain.  If your district wants to use your own district domain to send out communications instead, you can do this by authenticating your domain.  Why set up DKIM? Setting up DKIM will remove […]

Let’s Talk! On the Go for Single Sign-On Users

Has your district integrated Let’s Talk! with their Single Sign-On system? If so, then make sure to keep these tips in mind when you download the Let’s Talk! – Admin app to respond to dialogues on the go! First, ensure that you’ve downloaded the Let’s Talk! – Admin app for users, rather than the Let’s […]

Removing Users

When users no longer require access to Let’s Talk! (e.g. they no longer work in your organization), they should be made inactive. While all of their previous interactions are archived in the system, they will no longer be able to access Let’s Talk! on desktop and mobile. If a user is the owner of an […]

How to collaborate with Team Members on a Dialogue

Collaboration is the hallmark of success when working with a team. It can help you get answers to address a customer’s questions or it can bring the right people to the table to make important decisions. Collaborating with your team members while you manage customer feedback will help you ensure timely follow-up and is an import part of […]

New User? Start Here

Welcome! To get started in Let’s Talk!, here’s a quick to-do list: Learn Key Vocabulary Log In to Let’s Talk! Set Up My Profile Customize My Notifications Set My Digest Frequency Need Support? From here, the world is your oyster! Get out there and communicate, collaborate, and serve your community!

Shortcut to Let’s Talk!

Want to place Let’s Talk! On your desktop for easy access? Click on your name on the top right-hand corner Select Settings and navigate to Profile Click on Edit at the top right-hand corner of the screen Scroll down to  Quick Access Shortcut Click on Download and save to your desktop Voila! Let’s Talk! Is […]

Dashboard: Overview

Overview The Overview report is a great way to monitor and measure how you are doing! Each piece on the overview gives you critical data and insight to help you make decisions to ensure the best customer experience for your district. System Admins & Global Users: Overview data is pulled from all Interest Areas Team […]

Translate Dialogues

Enabling multiple languages in Let’s Talk! allows you to capture a broader range of conversations from your community. System Administrators can learn more about enabling languages in Supporting Non-English Feedback. Multi-lingual Access for Customers If multiple languages are enabled, Customers can select their language of choice from a dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner […]

Understand My Inbox

Inbox Filters Dialogues Upon login, you will land on the Dialogues inbox. From here, you can navigate different sections at the top to see the different dialogues in your accounts. Assigned to me First page Users see upon logging in. Shows every active Dialogue for which the User is an Owner and responsible for follow-up. […]

Reply to a Customer

If you’ve determined that you are the best person to reply to this Customer then follow the steps below to reply to the Customer. Click on the blue Reply to Customer link at the bottom right-hand corner of the original message If the text is grayed out, then check to see if the customer submitted the […]

Close a Dialogue

Ensuring that Dialogues are closed in a timely manner helps to keep records accurate and ensure that all Customer feedback is addressed. Dialogues may be closed through the process of replying. Dialogues for which no Reply button is displayed must still be closed. For example, if a Customer has provided a phone number and no […]

Create a Dialogue

While many Customers will access Let’s Talk! on your website, there are many other conversations that happen in real life that also demand timely follow-up and attention: phone calls, personal observations, letters, personal visits, and more. Users can easily add these conversations to Let’s Talk! from within the system to allow for streamlined follow-up, collaboration, […]

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