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Providing good customer service is the most important goal to keep in mind. This means making sure each message receives a response from the right person. Simple enough, right? Absolutely. Beyond the basics, the Let’s Talk! platform offers opportunities to collaborate with other district colleagues, to redirect messages to those best suited to respond, and to review metrics on many aspects of these conversations. Pick your topic and learn more about what Let’s Talk! can do for you.

How to Use Agent Status Report in Call Center

System Admins and Global Users can use the Agent Status Report to spot patterns in agent call availability and call durations. Access the Agent Status Report   1. Open the Dashboard by selecting the bar graph icon in the upper left corner. 2. Select Telephone Report. 3. Select Agents Available on the right side of […]

How to Import Categories and Topics

You can easily and efficiently import Topics and Categories using the new template available in the Topics Manager. From the Topics Manager page, click on the Import Topics button under the Search bar. You will see a pop-out window where you can download the template and upload the file once the template has been filled […]

How to Use Let’s Talk Assistant Completeness Report

The generative AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant is powered by the content uploaded to your district’s Resource Center. To help you ensure your district has a comprehensive chatbot to provide your customers with accurate answers, we’ve introduced the Let’s Talk Assistant Completeness Report, which helps you understand the content gaps you may have in your chatbot’s […]

AI Themes for Dialogues

We’re excited to introduce “AI Themes for Dialogues” in Let’s Talk. This feature automatically classifies each dialogue into preset themes, helping you quickly understand the content of each dialogue. Unlike tags, AI Themes for Dialogues are standardized across all Let’s Talk accounts. You can find the Dialogue Theme panel on the right side of the dialogue […]

How to Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menus for Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk’s Call Center feature allows districts to use the platform as their comprehensive customer service solution and call center — allowing you to take incoming calls, make outgoing calls, and manage the call and phone agent queues.  The Call Center can be managed virtually, improve customer experience, increase first-call resolution, and serve as a […]

Resource Management: Streamlining Your Content

Welcome to the Let’s Talk Resource Center, where efficiency meets organization! In this article, we’ll explore what the Resource Center is and how you can effectively utilize it to manage various types of resources to enhance the interactions with your customers. What is the Resource Center? With the release of the generative AI-powered Let’s Talk […]

Basic Telephony: How to Set Up Phone Numbers in Let’s Talk

Skip to: Phone Number Settings Queue Settings Greetings Settings Texting Settings   Welcome to the Let’s Talk’s telephony features, where you can transform your district’s communication experience. These features empower you to use the platform for phone lines and texting, efficiently managing incoming and outgoing calls, agent queues, and more. Below is a guide to […]

How to Create Custom Topics

Do you need to create a Custom Topic for your Landing Page? Now System Admins can do so from the Landing Page/Tab Editor within Settings.  After selecting a Landing Page where the Custom Topic will live, click on the “Add Custom Button” option.  You will see the following custom options: Add a New Topic: Create […]

Customer History

Access all conversations from a customer Sometimes customers might refer to previous requests, questions, or interactions they’ve had with your district when they submit a dialogue, and in some cases, being able to see that history can better help you understand and serve their needs.  Use the Customer History feature to quickly see some key […]

Merge Dialogues

Combine multiple dialogues into one dialogue When someone in your community sends in multiple dialogues regarding the same issue, perhaps even across multiple Topics, rather than closing them out one at a time with the same response, combine them into one dialogue and proceed from that!  Here’s how –  In your inbox, select all the […]

Split Dialogues

Separate a single dialogue into two dialogues When someone in your community submits a dialogue that contains multiple questions or requires the work from multiple departments, rather than passing it back and forth between Topics or Owners, you can split the dialogue into multiple dialogues!  Here’s how –  Open the dialogue that you want to […]

Dashboard: Benchmark

When it comes to data, it’s always nice to be able to reference it against other similar cases. Benchmarking data is important because it allows you to see where you excel and where you have room for improvement. This is exactly what the Benchmark Dashboard does.  The Benchmark Dashboard In your Overview Dashboard, flip the […]

Removing Users

When users no longer require access to Let’s Talk! (e.g. they no longer work in your organization), they should be made inactive. While all of their previous interactions are archived in the system, they will no longer be able to access Let’s Talk! on desktop and mobile. If a user is the owner of an […]

Let’s Talk! On the Go for Single Sign-On Users

Has your district integrated Let’s Talk! with their Single Sign-On system? If so, then make sure to keep these tips in mind when you download the Let’s Talk! – Admin app to respond to dialogues on the go! First, ensure that you’ve downloaded the Let’s Talk! – Admin app for users, rather than the Let’s […]

Text into Let’s Talk!

Allow your district community to be able to text their questions, concerns, or comments to a number provided by Let’s Talk!. The system then instantly turns that message into a dialogue.  On the backend, your team can manage and track the message just as they would with any other Let’s Talk! submission. When your team […]

Authenticate your district’s email domain

All email communications (replies to customers, forwarded dialogues, email campaigns etc) sent out via Let’s Talk! are all sent out through the email domain. If your district wants to use your own district domain to send out communications instead, you can do this by authenticating your domain. If you plan to use the Campaign […]

How To: Create Desktop Shortcuts to Let’s Talk! Forms

Do you have a Let’s Talk! Form that you want students and/or staff to be able to easily access on the desktop of their school-issued devices? Share the below instructions with your Network or IT Administrator!   You might use this when: You have a customized bullying form that you want all students to have […]

‘Contact Us’ Button for Facebook Pages

Increase your engagement with your community through district and school Facebook pages by adding a ‘Contact Us’ button that links to Let’s Talk! Follow these simple steps (it takes less than 2 minutes!) to make it happen: Navigate to your Facebook page manager Click on the blue Add a Button option Select Contact Us Paste the link to your Let’s […]

Dashboard: Comparison

The Comparison report is only available for System Administrators and Global Users. This report gives you a holistic view of the District’s state so you can visually see the progress of users, topics, and categories and quickly identify areas where your team excels or is struggling to provide actionable next steps. Accessing the Comparison Report […]

Understanding the Customer Dialogue Form

Need to explain to your community how Let’s Talk! works? Use this video! Looking for a Spanish version of the video above? Click here!  Depending on how you’ve set up your Let’s Talk! page, customers may be selecting their Topic of choice from a menu-like Landing Page, or they may be sent directly to the Topic […]

Team Owner Access

Team Owners have many responsibilities, including maintaining and customizing settings for their own Topics. Success Messages Under Settings, Team Owners can access Success Messages to create and edit specific messages for Customers, including the following: On-Screen Confirmation Messages – appears on screen after a Customer has submitted a Dialogue: Standard Customers Hidden Customers Anonymous Customers […]

New User? Start Here

Welcome! To get started in Let’s Talk!, here’s a quick to-do list: Learn Key Vocabulary Log In to Let’s Talk! Set Up My Profile Customize My Notifications Set My Digest Frequency Need Support? From here, the world is your oyster! Get out there and communicate, collaborate, and serve your community!

How to collaborate with Team Members on a Dialogue

Collaboration is the hallmark of success when working with a team. It can help you get answers to address a customer’s questions or it can bring the right people to the table to make important decisions. Collaborating with your team members while you manage customer feedback will help you ensure timely follow-up and is an import part of […]

Reply to a Customer

If you’ve determined that you are the best person to respond to this Customer then follow the steps below to reply to the Customer. Click on the blue Reply to Customer link at the bottom right-hand corner of the original message If the text is grayed out, then check to see if the customer submitted the […]

Close a Dialogue

Ensuring that Dialogues are closed in a timely manner helps to keep records accurate and ensure that all Customer feedback is addressed. Dialogues may be closed through the process of replying. Dialogues for which no Reply button is displayed must still be closed. For example, if a Customer has provided a phone number and no […]