Let's Talk! Assistant

Spanish Let’s Talk Assistant

Offer the convenience of Let’s Talk Assistant to more of your community by enabling Spanish in Settings > Let’s Talk Assistant. Once enabled by a System Administrator, customers will have the option to interact with either the English or Spanish-speaking Let’s Talk Assistant via the embedded LT Tab. Note: To take advantage of LTA’s new […]

August 2022 – New in Let’s Talk

You asked. We Listened. Thank you to all of our LTA early adopters who have taken the time to submit their feedback.  We’re proud to introduce Let’s Talk Assistant 3.0, which includes updates that make it simpler for everyone on your team to work together to provide a positive experience for every student, parent, teacher, […]

Enrollment and Registration Specific Tab

Plano ISD utilizes a department dedicated pop out tab on their Enrollment and Registration page that allows users to ask a question using the Let’s Talk! virtual assistant or by contacting their team. This feature helps with answering need based or user specific questions for both internal and external customers in a timely manner. Want […]

Using the Knowledge Base

Under Indianapolis Public Schools’ Let’s Talk!, both external stakeholders and internal staff members have access to to a ‘Cheat Sheets’ button that redirects the user to the district’s Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base feature helps with organizing different topics of information and concern that may arise during the school year. Furthermore, districts can insert instructional […]

The Let’s Talk Assistant: District Setup

Clear communication and great consistent service is the key to keeping your district happy, but there are some questions that really shouldn’t require you to spend 5 minutes typing out, replying back to, and managing an entire dialogue (or email!) each time. Those are the FAQs of your district. Chances are these questions already exist […]

Let’s Talk Assistant Report

To help you understand the impact of your  Let’s Talk Assistant – and to see trends that can help you improve your knowledge base – we have designed the Let’s Talk Assistant Report. (Access available for System Admins)  Access To help you understand the impact of your  Let’s Talk Assistant – and to see trends […]

Live Agent Settings

Take your customer service to the next level by enabling the Live Agent option. If your Let’s Talk! Assistant is unable to answer a customer’s question, the customer can choose to chat in real-time with an available member of your team. Start building your live agent team now!  Adding Live Agents System Administrators can assign […]

Optimization for Let’s Talk Assistant

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to make your Let’s Talk Assistant smarter. In the Optimization Table, System Administrators can see these details in full and improve chatbot performance through a few simple steps! Optimization Table – Filter Options To access the Optimization table, locate the Let’s Talk Assistant section in the left panel of […]

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