Welcome to the Let’s Talk community! Read this resource ahead of our kick-off meeting to know what to expect and prepare for a successful Let’s Talk implementation. Our team at K12 Insight is here to help you get up and running with Let’s Talk in three months or less!

1. Build your team of Let’s Talk champions. 

A successful Let’s Talk implementation requires the right team of leaders. We’ve helped hundreds of districts across the nation roll out Let’s Talk, and through our experience, we’ve found the most successful implementation teams include the following roles: 

  • The Advocate: This role sets the vision for Let’s Talk and connects it with the district’s strategic initiatives.
  • The Project Manager: For a successful implementation, every team needs a project manager. This role serves as the primary point of contact for K12 Insight and coordinates Let’s Talk implementation tasks.
  • The Communications Champion: The Communications Champion reviews communications materials provided by K12 Insight and creates a communication calendar for ongoing promotion of Let’s Talk throughout the district. 
  • The Technology Champion: IT is an important role for a smooth Let’s Talk implementation. This champion ensures Let’s Talk access points are properly embedded on the website and coordinates the necessary technology integrations.

2. Follow project management best practices. 

Project management is essential for keeping track of milestones and deadlines. Follow these best practices:

  1. Review Let’s Talk Implementation Timeline and set target “go-live” dates.
  2. Coordinate pre- and post-launch activities (trainings, check-ins, etc.).
  3. Monitor and track progress toward completing each phase of the Let’s Talk Product Maturity Model
  4. Before the beginning of each school year, prepare for account maintenance and ensure account configuration is up to date.
  5. Identify opportunities for departments districtwide to adopt Let’s Talk such as human resources, transportation and others, and set timelines for adoption. 

3. Promote Let’s Talk through internal communications.

To ensure a successful implementation of Let’s Talk districtwide, actively share your district’s vision and purpose for using Let’s Talk with all users.

  • Communicate about key features and new releases to staff, administrators, and department leaders. 
  • Share opportunities for new user training and refresher training options to new and existing district employees.
  • Report key performance indicators and metrics from the implementation to district stakeholders and/or board members.
  • Explore our Let’s Talk Communications Toolkit for resources and content for promoting Let’s Talk.

4. Leverage K12 Insight’s Client Success team.

Think of K12 Insight as an extension of your team. Your dedicated Client Success Manager is here as a trusted advisor and thought partner throughout your entire Let’s Talk journey.

  • Set a regular check-in cadence with your K12 Insight Team. This could be quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, etc.
  • Participate in two annual meetings with K12 Insight:
    • Executive Business Review (Fall): This meeting should be attended by key district stakeholders including cabinet members. It will review the impact of the prior year’s Let’s Talk implementation and set goals for the upcoming school year. 
    • Account Planning Call (Spring): This meeting should include your district’s Let’s Talk champions. The goal of this meeting is to make a plan for executing initiatives identified in the Executive Business Review and account maintenance. 

Have implementation questions for K12 Insight’s Client Success team? Submit them here!