Customer Feedback Forms and collecting Cx Scores

Gathering feedback is a big part of Let’s Talk!, and hearing from customers regarding the service they received is an important piece.

How it Works

When a User clicks Send/Post as Closed, a pop-up will appear letting the User know that the Dialogue will be closed. When the Customer’s email address has been provided with the Dialogue, the pop-up will also indicate that a Feedback Form will be sent to the Customer. This form will be delivered via email.

Note: Feedback forms will not be sent to Customers who submitted anonymous Dialogues or who did not provide email addresses. If opt-out controls have been customized by the System Administrator, the User may see feedback form delivery as an option.

The Feedback Form (example below) includes a 10-point Likert scale on which Customers can rate their satisfaction or overall experience. Upon selecting a score, Customers may choose to provide further commentary in an open-ended text box.

Feedback Form

Feedback Form Preview


By default, Feedback Forms are delivered a few minutes after Dialogues are closed and responses have been sent. System Administrators may customize delivery of a Feedback Form to from 1 to 24 hours after a Dialogue has been closed.

By default, Customers will only receive one Feedback Form, the first time a Dialogue is closed, even if it is later re-opened. System Administrators may customize the account to allow Users to resend Feedback Forms and for Customers to resubmit scores after the district has provided additional information.

System Administrators can update Opt-Out, Delay, and Resubmission of Feedback Forms by selecting Feedback Form Template on the Settings menu.

Where Does the Data Go?

If a Customer chooses to complete the Feedback Form, the data from the form is captured in the Timeline of the original Dialogue within the Dialogue Details page. The score and additional commentary (if any) are displayed within the Timeline.

Score and Customer Feedback

Score and Customer feedback, if provided, are captured in the Timeline.


Closed Dialogue Inbox

The data from the Likert scale is also captured in the Closed Dialogues Inbox view through both the icon in the Feedback Score column and the Average Feedback Score measure in the Inbox Ticker in the top right-hand corner.

Customer feedback scores can be found in the Closed Dialogue filter.



Data from the Likert scale is also used to calculate the overall Average Feedback Score performance indicator found in reports on the Dashboard, including CX Score (below). The Average Feedback Score calculation can be viewed at the User level, by individual Interest Areas, or at an overall account level by adjusting filters on the Dashboard.