Email to Dialogue

Many of us get plenty of email. Unfortunately, email isn’t naturally actionable. It doesn’t help teams define the workflow. Required information is often scattered.

Let’s Talk! Dialogues, however, are assigned to owners and given priorities, and internal collaboration is supported without confusing the Customer.

Email also falls short when it comes to tracking progress and status, as well as to offering transparency into what’s happening across a team or even a district.

With Let’s Talk!, you can instantly see what you and your teammates are working on, track everyone’s progress, and capture trends.

Luckily, you can take advantages of all of the features of Let’s Talk! by turning an email into a Dialogue!

OPEN: From your district address, forward any email to A new Dialogue will automatically be created in your My Dialogues folder.

Example Case: You’ve just received an email from an angry parent about his student’s grades. You can use the forward and forget model, or take your customer service to another level. Simply respond to the parent via email and cc This will create a Dialogue in your account that includes the Customer’s message, name, and contact information. Simply reassign that Dialogue to the appropriate teacher, principal or User, and Let’s Talk! will track the progress of their follow-up.

CLOSE: Want to close a loop and keep everyone on the same page? Forward (or cc!) to and your newly created Dialogue will show up in your Closed Dialogues. Dialogues forwarded in through this method will also immediately send the customer a feedback form.

Example Case: You’ve been going back and forth with a community leader fine-tuning the details for her upcoming visit to your school. Keep all of this information to yourself, or share with your team so they’re well-informed, too, and know how to respond if you’re unavailable. When sending your final “See you soon!” note, cc Now, this chain of correspondence will show up as a Dialogue in your Closed Dialogues box. You can drop it in the right Topic and add any team members who should be aware, plus collect feedback from your community leader!

Leverage this functionality to gather more conversations, share your experiences, and manage the bigger picture as a whole!