We’re excited to share the latest updates to Let’s Talk, driven by your valuable feedback and our commitment to enhancing the platform. This month’s release introduces powerful new features for the generative AI Let’s Talk Assistant, telephony improvements, and several user-inspired updates. These enhancements are designed to provide you with the tools you need to deliver exceptional customer service and improve operational efficiency districtwide.

Please continue to share your ideas and feedback with your Client Success Manager or submit feedback through the question mark icon in Let’s Talk. Your input is essential as we continue to innovate and ensure Let’s Talk provides the best experience for you and your team!

Features inspired by the Let’s Talk community 

We’re excited to deliver updates and refinements that improve the overall Let’s Talk user experience, inspired by your feedback. Here’s a look at what’s new:

  • Minimize AI Themes: We heard your feedback about AI Themes — and we’re excited to share that you can now minimize the AI Theme panel, and it will automatically minimize when you reply to a customer.
  • Delete users who do not activate accounts: Inactive users can now be deleted from the User Management page.
  • Set Out-of-Office for the current day: Set an Out-of-Office that includes the current day. 
  • Updated workflow triggers: Create a workflow for a specific phone line.
  • Two-factor authentication for SSO accounts: For accounts with SSO set up, users can log in via a username and password but will be required to enter a one-time passcode sent to the email address associated with their SSO account. 
  • Landing Page/Tab Editor: This setting is moving to the Account Setup section of settings — where it belongs!
  • Define, schedule, and send data exports: You can now create a custom data export, schedule the export, and send it via email or to an SFTP location.

Let’s Talk Assistant and Resource Center

User Community Idea Delivered: Resource Center Website Scans

  • Enter your district’s website domain into the Resource Center instead of just individual pages, which powers your Let’s Talk Assitant chatbot and AI Dialogue Replies, for a comprehensive website scan.
  • This feature will only scan web pages that are connected to your district’s main domain. If school sites or campuses have their domains, you will need to scan those individually as you do for web page scans. 
    • For example, mcsdistrict.org/carrierelementary would be included in your full site scan of mcsdistrict.org but carrierelementary.mcsdistrict.org would not. 
  • Important: Be aware that scanning your entire domain will pull all web page content into your chatbot, including any outdated pages, which will be added to the Resource Center.
  • Full site scans are best for districts that are diligent about their website content maintenance. For the most accurate web page scans, we recommend scanning individual web pages that are updated with the latest information.
  • If you make any updates to the web page or domain, you will need to re-scan the URL.
  • Learn how to set up your generative AI-powered Let’s Talk Assistant. 

User Community Idea Delivered: ✨ Create Separate Chatbots for Departments or Schools

  • With the new Let’s Talk Assistant Profiles, you can create department or school-specific versions of Let’s Talk Assistant, allowing for more tailored and relevant responses. 

User Community Idea Delivered: ✨ Let’s Talk Assistant Dashboard — Trends Summary

  • As we continue to develop robust reporting features for Let’s Talk Assistant, we’re excited to introduce a Trends Summary section in your Let’s Talk Assistant dashboard.
  • This provides a summarization of trending themes, helping identify what your community is talking about and areas where additional resources are needed in your Resource Center. 

Call Center

  • Call Details Report: System administrators now have access to detailed call reporting. Reports capture calls handled by agents, abandoned calls, calls received outside of business hours, and more.

Form Builder

  • Answer-based Workflows: Assign a dialogue to a Topic based on the answer to a question within your form.

Ready to dive in? 

We’re excited about these updates and look forward to hearing how they transform your customer service. As always, we value your feedback and are here to help your team have the best Let’s Talk experience. If you have questions about these new updates, reach out to your Client Success Manager or our Client Care team