Let’s Talk! v9.0 went live on Friday, July 7, 2017

New Features:

Phone to Dialogue

  • Phone to Dialogue
    • This feature will equip districts/schools with a means to have a track record of their phone calls and interactions with their customers.
    • Districts and schools would be able to capture phone calls and automatically create a Dialogue regarding these phone calls.
    • Admin user can request for a phone number under Settings.
    • Under Settings, the System Admin can customize:
      • Phone team (members who can receive phone calls)
      • Enable/Disable call recording
      • Upload incoming call greeting and voicemail greeting message
    • Phone calls coming in will be displayed as a pop-up on the screen including the caller’s number to all the Phone team members. Users will have the opportunity to decline or accept the phone call.
    • Once the phone call is received by any of the members it is automatically created as Dialogue.
    • Any phone call that goes into Voice mail will also be converted into Dialogue and recording will be available as an attachment in the Dialogue.


  • Ability for Interest Area Owners to manage users on their Interest Areas
    • Interest area owner will now have access to manage Team Members of their Interest Areas.
    • Interest Areas Owners now have access to Users, under Settings.
    • Managing team members includes adding, deleting and updating information about team members with a Permission level change of Team member to Recorder.
    • Interest Area Owner can now download Dialogues
      • Dialogue details page
      • Advance Search
      • Saved Search



  • Notification for Past Due Dialogues
    • Let’s Talk! Users will now be notified once the dialogue becomes past due in notification methods specified by Users.



  • Dialogue Timeline UI update
    • Brand new user interface for Dialogue timeline.
    • Activities performed by the same user will be merged together.
    • Other option available when showing/hiding of email replies and comments from the timeline


  • Email Notification for re-opened Dialogues
    • Any closed dialogue that is re-opened again due to any activity will trigger a notification.


Tag User Groups

  • Ability to tag/mention user groups in comment
    • Similar to mentioning and tagging user in comments, Let’s Talk! Users can now tag User Groups under comment for any dialogue.
    • Notification email will be sent to all the users who are part of the tagged User Group.


  • UI update for all emails sent out from LT platform
    • Brand new user interface for emails that are sent out from the Let’s Talk! Platform.


Recorded Dialogue Status

  • Dialogue Status to Recorded Dialogues
    • Recorders can now assign statuses to recorded dialogues as:
      • Unopened
      • In progress
      • Pending Details
      • Closed


  • Forwarding attachments with Dialogues
    • Users can forward attachments present in a dialogue when using the Forward Dialogue feature.
    • All the attachments will be sent as a  zip file with an active link to download for 30 days


Smaller changes in Let’s Talk!

  • Ability to opt-out of a feedback form when closing dialogues in bulk.
  • News feature can be accessed at all user levels.
  • Landing Page links accessible by Team Owners and Member.
  • Users can now export/download Interest areas.
  • Identify tour mode status in an excel download of all Users.
  • When filtered for “All” on Insights, the start date will be the date of the first dialogue received.