Adding Departments

Aligning your Let’s Talk topics with Departments that mirror your district’s structure is important for user management. To manage these settings, System Administrators can navigate to the Departments page within Settings and toggle to the Departments tab.

Departments can be added individually or via upload file, and the following information is required:

  • Department ID: A unique identifier for each department within the district.
  • Department Name: The name of each department.
  • Department Owner: The “fallback” owner for topics assigned to their department, so no topic is taken offline simply because the orignal owner is made inactive.
  • Topics Linked to Department: Map specific topics to each department. In the event of a topic owner’s account inactivation, the new owner defaults to the Department Owner, ensuring continuity and seamless management.

Quick Filters are helpful in identifying Missing Topics and Missing Owners.

Linking Topics to Departments

Once Departments have been added, follow these steps to link the appropriate Topics into each Department:

  1. Toggle to the Link Topics page
  2. On the left side of the screen, all departments previously added are displayed. On the right side,  all topics available in the account are displayed.
  3. Drag-and-Drop one or multiple topics from the right side to the appropriate department on the left.

Filter by Category or Topic, use Search to narrow the topics displayed.