If your team receives a Dialogue that should really be answered by a different team, you can reassign the Dialogue to a completely different team by changing the Interest Area. The owner of that interest area will receive an alert notifying them of the reassignment. The Customer will not receive any notification if a Dialogue is assigned to a new team.

To assign a Dialogue to a different team, follow the steps below:

  • Consider providing additional context for your colleague through Internal Comments prior to transferring. Once you’ve reassigned this Dialogue away, you may no longer have access to it.
  • Click in the Interest Area drop-down menu
  • From the list of interest areas that appears, select the appropriate team to receive this Dialogue.
  • From the drop-down, you can see a list of interest areas and the owner as well as the number of team members on that interest area
  • Your chosen Interest Area will now appear in the Interest Area field and that team will be responsible for follow-up.

  • If you re-assign a Dialogue to an Interest Area you don’t have permission to view, you will no longer have access to this Dialogue.
  • Any users who were added to the Dialogue manually will stay on as team members even after the Dialogue is reassigned to another team.