Alert! You’ve got a new Dialogue! Click your notification to log in.

Review My Dialogues. Anything there is your responsibility. Take action!

Click a Dialogue to open and read the Customer’s message. Who should answer?

  • You? Reply!
  • Another team member? Assign someone else on your team to the Owner box.
  • Someone else from the district? Add someone else to your team (plus icon) and assign him/her as the Owner.
  • A different team? Change the topic. Remember that it will be gone from your control!

If you need to pass the message on to someone who’s not in Let’s Talk!, forward the Dialogue by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of the screen.

Want to share internal conversations with colleagues or note actions taken (phone calls, meetings, etc.)? Add Internal Comments to set expectations and give explanations.

As you reply, check the status.

  • Reply as Closed: Mission accomplished! Full answer provided, issue addressed. Clock stopped.
  • Reply as In Progress: We’re still working on it (internal, within the district). Clock still ticking.
  • Reply as Pending Details: Used when asking for more information from Customer (external). Clock stopped.

Add Tags to collect more information in your reporting.

All clear!